Doesn't mean we can't enjoy the shallow. (timetobegin) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
Doesn't mean we can't enjoy the shallow.

MQ Preview of Girls' Generation's 'Indestructible' + more versions of 'The Best'

(This was previewed during a performance from their 3rd Japanese Tour on July 11th)

Two more versions of The Best have also been announced:

"Family Mart (a convenience store chain) has announced that another version of Girls' Generation's "The Best" album will be available in Family Mart stores starting August 6th. This version of "The Best" will include a song called "Chain Reaction", which is not included in the editions releasing on July 23rd."

XxGLover101xX; Soshified

I bet this is from SM to all the hardcore fans that fear they might break up soon lmao. SOUNDS GREAT THOUGH. (And perhaps that other new song will be a more danceable.)
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