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B1A4 'Encounter' & music bank teasers!!! + mini news round-up

[More Solo Day concept photos]

['Wonderful Day' info + 2 photos]
B1A4's 'Wonderful Day' will air July 21 at 6pm and will have a total of 8 episodes!

[B1A4's Solo Day promotional bus - image heavy]

[Mwave Meet & Greet]

Album Info
PRODUCT : Signed B1A4 5th Mini Album 'SOLO DAY' - Signed by all members
*Color: Skyblue or White (RANDOM)

RULES : B1A4 members will select 15 out of 49 tiles per mosaic during the online fan meeting, selected 15 will get B1A4 Special Badge!

Top 5 Supporters :
TOP 1 – Polaroid Photo of All B1A4 members & Special Present from B1A4!
TOP 2 ~ TOP 5 – Polaroid Photo of B1A4 member (random)

LIVE STREAMING : August (Exact time to be announced)
* Video Share Event will start in next-week.

source: B1A4 Official + 콩잔망 + puerwhite15mbcplusmusic + naver + hheajin0201 + mwave

The bus looks nice *_* anyway the top buyer for mwave so far bought 18 albums so good luck to anyone who's trying out
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