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FIRST TOUCH with SHINee! (Interview)

Glittering, Sparkling YO!

Tohoshinki’s / DBSK's younger brother, rumored newborn star came!
After debuting last year they swept the rookie award and topped in the hit charts.
Korea’s Super Idol finally comes to Japan! Can’t help but support this five cute and fresh people ♪

➜ Press conference that was held in Tokyo the next day when fan meeting on August 10 was made to make it big. It was, and a lot of reporters (almost female journalists) crowded it with a long-awaited visit to Japan.

ALL: Kagayaku SHINee desu! Yoroshiku Onegai shimasu (In Japanese) Hello, we are shining SHINee.

> Please let me hear the story before SHINee was formed.
Taemin: I was done the casting in the town, auditioned while practicing, and passed.
Onew: At that time, the debut has not been decided yet though we practiced together for 1 or 2 years.
Jonghyun: I think it was 2 years before that 5 of us, SHINee debuted.

> What is the meaning of SHINee?
Key: SHINee has the word significance of “shine”, right. We combine "shine" and suffix "-ee", the group's name carries the meaning of "one who receives light" or "one under the spotlight".

> At last, your album “ROMEO” was released in Japan recently.
Onew: It’s wonderful that everyone is expecting. I’m so thankful.
Key: If there’s a chance, I would like to ask to all of the fans what their impressions to our music are.
Jonghyun: Even in the fan meeting, our fans were lively and I felt their passion.
Onew: The first song was “Noona, You’re so pretty” was only released in Korean but all of the fans stood up, hold their pen light, waved and supported us.
Minho: Not only in Korea and our album was also published here in Japan. On top of that, we received ardent support from fans. I thought that I will do my best from now on.

> In the album “ROMEO” the second track recorded song “Juliette” has a DVD, right?
Onew: Because it’s the music that Jonghyun challenged writing songs for the first time, all members expressed inner feelings.
Jonghyun: I have interest in writing lyrics for a long time so I practiced all the time. This time, I was able to write songs and it was good.

> Someday, do you want to write your lyrics in Japanese?
Jonghyun: I would like to challenge someday. But, first of all I should practice Japanese. (Laughs)
Onew: Yeah. I want to learn and be good at Japanese quickly.

> I catch what you said well!
Onew: Just a little (self-conscious laugh)

> Please explain other recorded tracks from the album.
Taemin: In the album, there’s a story and this song starts to decorate the album.
Onew: A lover plainly depicted a man feeling anxious for not being able to communicate his feelings well. The more you listen to the song, the more you will like the song.
Key: This song has an exotic feeling and unique melody. The intro’s rap was Spanish. I studied and did my best. (Laughs)
Jonghyun: An orthodox group ballad which until now is not been heard. Onew and I sing a duet together. It’s good to listen before you go to sleep.
Minho: Tune that finishes off the end of the story. I think each member’s voice respectively showed their personality.

“Very touched by their noona’s support”

> From now on, please let me hear your impression about Japan.
Taemin: I was deeply touched when many fans came to the airport although it was my first time to come to Japan. From now on, I think we should show more SHINee’s image to the Japanese fans in the future.
Onew: Also in the event, Our Noona fans were like a young girl with pure feelings passionately supported us and I was really touched.
Minho: This time, our stage was only one time but I would like to do again..

> What places where would you like to go and eat around Japan?
Jonghyun: I would like to go to Tokyo Disneyland so much. I like noodles so I like to eat udon (thick white noodles) and ramen etc.
Key: I would like to go to Odaiba, Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan. I like to eat okonomiyaki (meat seafood and vegetable pancake)
Minho: I would like to challenge Japan’s simple meal served before a ceremonial tea. I also like to go to Tokyo Dome.

> It’s good if someday you’ll have a live in Tokyo Dome!
All: OH! (Claps)
Onew: If were able to do live surrounding with such amazing staff members, I would like to challenge everywhere in Japan.

> What are your targets in the future?
Onew: I want to become an existence that everyone will imagine SHINee to be contemporary. We will do our best so please support us!

Such Amazing! SHINee legend

1. They swept the rookie award immediately after debut.
May last year, In South Korea, they debuted at their first mini album “Noona, You’re so pretty”. After 1 month they won the rookie award. Thereafter, for only one year, they won 7 rookie awards! Not just music, they also appear in commercial and modeling and are now active. Suddenly they are included as one of the top stars. They are one of the hot stars now. Regardless in South Korea-Japan, they are not popular to the teens but also to the elder women.

2. The tickets to their first fan meeting were immediately sold out.
They are still newcomers here in Japan, rumors and music were passed the border and reached to Japan! The tickets to their first fan meeting and mini concert on August 10, in Nakano Sun Plaza were sold out. On the day of the event, about 2,200 fans got the premiere tickets and went widely exited. An additional decision was made and they will have their 2nd fan meeting in Japan on September 14 at Osaka Kousei Nenkin Kaikan Hall.

“Someone screamed “Kawaii” (Cute, lovely, adorable) seeing SHINee in person from the audience”

We can now understand 5 Characters!
Approaching SHINee more and more!

“Everybody’s mother who is good at cooking” - Key
Real name: Kim Kibum | Birth date: September 23, 1991 | Height: 177 cm
Hobbies & Special Abilities: Rap, Dance, Water Ski, English and Chinese conversation
In charge of rap and vocal. Loves fashion and making accessories by himself.
Also loves to cook, good at cooking fried dumpling, does ironing and the group’s mother existence in their dorm.

“Sparkling eyes that knockout’s a girl” - MinHo
Real name: Choi Minho | Birth date: December 9, 1991 | Height: 181 cm
Hobbies & Special Abilities: Soccer, basketball, acting, Chinese and English conversation
In charge of rap and vocal. He was a model before debut. But, surprising the most gluttonous character?!
In the fan meeting, He sang using his sexy voice to Fukuyama Masaharu’s “Milk Tea” whom he respects.

“No.1 singing ability Sexy Boy” - JongHyun
Real name: Kim Jonghyun | Birth date: April 8, 1990 | Height: 173 cm
Hobbies & Special Abilities: Movie watching, singing, writing lyrics and Chinese conversation.
In charge of lead vocal. He was scouted in Junior high school through music activity.
Easily move to tears. When “Juliette” won no.1 in the chart in Korea, he cried hard without realizing it.

“Youngest child with fabulous smile” - TaeMin
Real name: Lee Taemin | Birth date: July 18, 1993 | Height: 175 cm
Hobbies & Special Abilities: Listening to music, popping dance, piano and Chinese conversation.
In charge of rap and vocal. He performed a dynamic dance adding club music in the fan meeting.
His favorite Japanese foods are sushi, tonkatsu (fried breaded pork cutlet) and bento (Japanese box lunch).

“Mild but reliable leader” - Onew
Real name: Lee Jingi | Birth date: December 14, 1989 | Height: 177 cm
Hobbies & Special Abilities: Singing, piano and Chinese conversation.
SHINee’s leader and in charge of sub-vocal. “Good at all subjects”,
good at studying and got second place in the whole school.
Has a brilliance of thought and brought the members well.

Source: Shuukan Jyosei Magazine
scans source
Translated by winkme @
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