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KARA scheduled to make a comeback in August, title track produced by Duble Sidekick

Details about Kara’s forthcoming comeback have been revealed by K-pop insiders. According to a few unnamed insider sources, quoted in an article by media outlet enews24, the girl group has set a target date of August for the new release, and has even begun filming music videos.

Kara is set to drop a mini album featuring its newest member: the winner of television audition show, “Kara Project,” Youngji. The group will also embark on a tour of Japan in October.

One source was quoted as saying, “Kara will be making a comeback with a new collaboration with [music producer and song writer] Duble Sidekick. They filmed the music video on July 9 at a location somewhere in Gyeonggi Province.

Other quotes from insiders shed light on the way the group is operating now that a new member has joined. These included, “Since Youngji has joined, she has given Kara something of an energy boost,” and, “All of the members have resolved to make this album a success.”

source: enews24 via soompi
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