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Catholic Celebrities Sing for the Pope

Koinonia MV

More than 20 A-list celebrities gathered at Seoul’s Myeongdong Cathedral last month sing in a music video for Pope Francis, who’s due to visit here next month. The video was released Monday.

The single “Koinonia” celebrates the Holy Father’s Aug. 14-18 visit to Korea. The title is the Greek word for fellowship, sharing in common and communion.

“So many people live just for themselves. If more people prayed for others, the world would be a better place to live,” Noh Young-sim, the song’s composer and lyricist, said at a press conference at the cathedral on Monday.

Actor Ahn Sung-ki speaks about a music video made by more than 20 celebrities to commemorate Pope Francis’ visit to Korea next month in a news conference at Myeongdong Cathedral in Seoul on Monday. (Yonhap)

“I thought that if we united in praying for others (through this song), it would be the most beautiful flower bouquet that we could give to the pope when he arrives,” she added.

Among those who participated in the event were actress Kim Tae-hee from KBS TV drama “Iris,” actor Kim Woo-bin from SBS’ “The Heirs,” actress Kim Ha-neul from SBS’ series “A Gentleman’s Dignity” and singer Bada.

“The song carries our hope that the pope’s visit will bring joy to all of Korea, beyond religious differences,” actor Ahn Sung-ki, who organized the event, said at the press conference. “Surprisingly, many (stars) were willing to participate, although some couldn’t make it because of their schedules.”

Won Dong-youn, executive producer of Realies Pictures, whose works include “Masquerade” (2012), directed the music video.

Won said all the stars participated pro bono.

“As a producer, it was such an extraordinary experience to work with so many stars all at once. It was easy too, because they were so willing to do this, considering it a true honor to be part of it,” he said.

Noh and Won plan to release different versions of the song and new videos in the coming weeks. The song will be used in various events during the pope’s visit here, including the beatification of 124 Korean Martyrs at Gwanghwamun, Seoul, the Preparatory Committee for the Visitation of the Holy Father said.

The preparation committee said during the Monday press conference that it is in contact with North Korean authorities about inviting North Korean believers to the Mass in Seoul to be presided over by the pope.

“We’ve invited around 10 North Koreans to participate in the event. We expect an answer by early August,” Rev. Mattias Hur Young-yup, a spokesperson for the committee, said.

By Lee Sun-young (milaya@heraldcorp.com)

Korean Catholics recently produced a meaningful music video in celebration of Pope Francis' visit to the nation scheduled for August. Earlier this week, the Preparatory Committee for the Visitation of the Holy Father released the music video "Koinonia" and some of the footage used to create it.

A number of artists and celebrities participated in the video: actor Ahn Sung-ki (John), actress Kim Hee-ae (Maria), Kim Tae-hee (Verda) and Kim Ha-neul (Cecilia), singer Bada (Bibiana) and Yoon Geon (Marco), broadcaster Choi Yu-ra (Anna) and Lee Dong-woo (Marco), Ballerina Kim Ju-won (Hildegard) and short-track speed skater Park Seung-hi (Lydia).

Both the lyrics and melody of the song were produced by composer Roh Young-sim (Maribona). The title is "Koinonia," a transliterated form of the Greek word meaning communion, friendship and joint participation. The subtitle is "We all become a present," which reflects everyone's hope that the upcoming papal visit will be a symbolic present of communion for Korean society.

A group of artists and celebrities participated in the production of music video "Koinonia" in celebration of Pope Francis' visit.

The video includes no particularly special scenes. The camera captured all the standard footage of the cast as they sang, prayed and talked to each other. The video was directed by Cha Eun-taek, the director of Psy's music video "Hangover," and was produced by Won Dong-yeon, the head of Realize Pictures, the film company that produced "Masquerade." The song was written by composer Roh Young-shim and the casting was helped along by KBS producer Kim Hak-sun (Francis) and actor Ahn Sung-ki.

Producer Won Dong-yeon said, "Most of the cast decided to take part in the music video in the thought of wanting to give a small present to those who are isolated, or struggling against a hardship. We would be happy if the video and our hopes are shared with more people."

Auxiliary Bishop Basil Cho Gyu-man said, "This music video prepared with the glad hearts of people will give a present to all of us, waiting for the upcoming papal visit, and will enliven the preparation procedures. Thanks for all the participating members and wishing god's peace is with you."

Father Park Gyu-heum, who organized the production said, "We produced this promotional video in the hope that this will become a delightful surprise to everyone in society, jumping over the fence of religion. I hope that our efforts can comfort many wounded hearts."

Every member of the cast agreed to donate their talents for the video production. Profits generated from the online music stores will be used to help the poor and needy in accordance with Pope Francis' wishes. CJ E&M, a music distribution company, will also donate all their profits from the production to charities.

The music video will be available on the official website for the 2014 Pastoral Visit of Pope Francis to Korea (
http://popekorea.catholic.or.kr/en) and Good News (http://www.catholic.or.kr). Later, it will be shared through such major search engines as Daum and Naver as well as various Social Network Service channels.

By Wi Tack-whan, Lee Seung-ah
Korea.net Staff Writers

Cast appeared in "Koinonia" music video (36 people)

Ahn Sung-ki (John), Kim Hee-ae (Maria), Kim Tae-hee (Verdi), Kim Ha-neul (Cecilia), Kim Min-jung (Juliana), Kim Kang-woo (Vincentius), Lee Yoon-ji (Maria), Kim Woo-bin (Benedictus), Park Jin-ju, Yu Hae-jung, Hong Dae-sung, Jeong Da-wum, Cha Jeong-min, Yang Dong-tak, Shin Ki-won, Lee Hyung-hun, Bada (Bibiana), Yoon Geon (Marco), Kim Jin-ho (Stephanos), a member of SG Wannabe, Song Wu-jin (Peter), a member of Sweet Sorrow, Sung Jin-hwan (Raphael), Sunwoo Jeong-A, Jung Lip, Seo Jae-hyung, Park Ji-young, Park Ji-yeon, Ahn Da-young, Kim Sung-hyun, KBS Announcer Hwang Jung-min (Agnes), Choi Yu-ra (Anna), Rhu Shi-hyun (Teresa), Lee Dong-wu (Marco), Hong Jin-kyung (Bibiana), Ballerina Kim Ju-won (Hildegard), Choreographer Yoo Hwe-wung, short track speed skater Park Seung-hi (Lydia)

Sources: 가톨릭인터넷 굿뉴스 Youtube Channel , Korea Herald Article & Picture, Korea Net Article & Picture

The articles are a bit similar, but I bolded the interesting parts.
Omona, are your faves Catholic?

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