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Ryu Sera Posts Cover of 'Wild' On Youtube

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I love this song. This is one of my songs that I came to like over period of time.
comments section:
Hey guys :) I picked this song because I always wondered how it would turn out to b when i make changes. I was on stage one year ago, with this song, and I honestly had hard time jumping around full power then hit the high notes at the end of the song. Didnt like this song at all lol. I think Im (hopefully) musically growing up and maturing objectively. So for now, lets empty our minds. Travel with me.


i saw the title and thought 'ok there's no way she'd cover a 9m song so who is this by' and i was shocked ;__;. also lmao i had no idea she didn't like wild.
edit: sorry mods! i previewed the post and didnt even notice the error -_- this has been a week
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