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Idol packed Star Golden Bell episode has arrived!

The highly anticipated episode of the idol infested Star Golden Bell has finally aired! As promised the ladies of KARA and Girls' Generation and the boys of SHINee and 2PM were all packed into the show providing many laughs. Subbed versions of this episode have not yet been released, so for those of you who can't understand Korean just watch the videos for the performances and facial expressions for now. In particular, pay attention to Onew's face as the female MC declares her admiration for 2PM. Check out the idols' interactions in the videos below.

[UPDATED With subs courtesy of babyji91 (turn on closed captioning (cc)). Episodes 7 & 8 should be subbed by babyji91 soon. Thanks to mangosrock for the tip.

2AM's Changmin reveals that his ideal girl is KARA's Jiyoung at 8:25.

Catch KARA's Wanna performance and Nicole's little slip.

SNSD's Jessica and SHINee's Onew do a little duet.

Wooyoung does his signature Ssanti Ssanti (Cheap) dance and idol's imitate each other.

The MCs do renditions of the idols' hit songs. I promise you won't be able to contain yourself after watching the last MC's performance of Juliette and Pretty Girl!

Nicole's hilarious "Level With Me" segment.

The idols show you just how smart they are.

Find out who's the idol Star Golden Bell challenger!

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I enjoyed the episode a lot, especially since I was really looking forward to it. Onew and Yoona need to stop being so cute ): And I fall for 2PM even more with every video I watch of them, ngl. >>
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