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GOT7 vents: "Why did you do that?"

“You… why did you do that?”
(Have you ever wanted to say something to a member but… you didn’t for whatever reason? You can write that all down here. It doesn’t just have to be one member, you can write to more than one~~~ Write them down here~ behind the members’ backs~)

Written By: JB

When we leave the dorm you all leave the air conditioner and/or lights on. Why doesn’t anyone think to turn them off

Written By: Mark

Jinyoungah~ Why are you so late getting ready in the morning? Let’s try to get ready faster!

Written By: Jackson
Youngjae: You know that you look really cool when you sing?

Jr.: You know that you look really attractive when you’re dancing solo?

Written By: Youngjae

Jackson hyung

Why do you never want to be with me on a team when we’re filming our reality show

Why do you always act like a hyung being the hyung isn’t everything

Written By: BamBam

JB hyung ~

I’ve told you 2 million times

JB hyung ~

I’ve asked you “not to make fun of my voice” I think about 2 million times but why do you keep making fun of me?

Written By: Kim Yugyeom

Mr. Im Jaebum this is something all the members will agree on!

Why!!! Whenever I eat something do you ask for just one bite… That’s okay but you don’t just eat one bite why do you keep eating?~~

Written By: Jr.

Mark hyung: Yesterday when we were getting ready why did you ____(t/n: it’s illegible)? It was my turn

BamBam, Yugyeom: When you’re sleeping listen to your music with earphones. kkkk

Source | Trans: Yoonjin @ got7-trans

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