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Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Picks Trot Singer Park Hyun Bin as Her Ideal Type


Hyeri of Girl’s Day has chosen fellow singer Park Hyun Bin as her ideal type.

On the July 13 episode of KBS2′s “Let’s Go! Dream Team 2,” two teams were having a talk in between the tight races. As Hyeri was asked to pick the person closest to her ideal type among the contestants, she chose Park Hyun Bin.

When asked for the reason, Hyeri replied, “It seems like he would earn a lot of money,” and made everyone burst in laughter with her honest comment. Hearing this, Park Hyun Bin said, “Don’t pick me. I am very popular,” and showed how much he cares for his loving fans.

This episode was filmed at a refreshing water park, and stars like Rainbow‘s Seung Ah, Dal Shabet‘s Serri, and Ricky Kim participated in the show.

[netizens comments]Article: 'Dream Team' Hyeri, "Park Hyun Bin is my ideal type... He looks like he'd make a lot of money"

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+11,352, -350] Is that why you dated Tony Ahn?

2. [+8,866, -270] She just said because he makes a lot of m-money...?

3. [+8,847, -272] Then what does that make Tony Ahn? Someone you dated because he's rich?

4. [+7,666, -246] That's why you dated Tony Ahn

5. [+5,572, -331] Why do people always ask about ideal types?

6. [+1,491, -106] I guess Hyeri cares more about wealth than age. Did she suffer hardships because of money before or what? She shouldn't be so greedy so early on in her life. But then again, it's not like Hyeri can date a non-celebrity anymore, especially not after probably going to lots of expensive places and getting fame off of Tony anyway.

7. [+1,425, -71] Hyeri's the type who ruins her image by opening her mouth. Should just stay quiet and pretty.

8. [+1,196, -100] Money ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ? This is why people call you immature

9. [+1,153, -61] I guess people weren't just joking when they said she dated Tony for the money

10. [+1,053, -47] Should always be careful with your words..

Source: Soompi & Netizenbuzz
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