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IU suffered from bulimia and bunch of other news


IU Confesses Having Suffered from Eating Disorder on ‘Healing Camp’

IU confessed that she suffered from bulimia in the past.

After debuting in 2008, IU has been promoting actively in the music industry as well as on small screens.

While recording July 14’s broadcast of SBS’s Healing Camp, IU revealed, “I always felt insecure.”

IU said, “I felt empty inside so I tried to fill the emptiness with food. I ate to the point where I had to throw up so I had to get medical treatment.”

The full story of IU will be revealed on July 14 on SBS’s Healing Camp.

IU Reveals She Received Treatment for Bulimia on “Healing Camp"

Singer IU, who previously talked about receiving pressure from her family before she made her debut, continued sharing her personal battles and has revealed her very personal experience of battling with an eating disorder at the filming for the episode of the SBS show, “Healing Camp.”

The episode, which will air later tonight, July 14, features the young singer, who really opens up. “My heart was empty. I always felt anxious after I made my debut and from a certain time, I filled the void through food,” said IU. “Rather than feeling good, I always had that feeling of anxiety thinking there’s still something lacking,” continued the singer.

“At that time, I ate until I threw up and I even sought treatment,” revealed IU.

In this episode, IU also made some curious remarks, claiming that she is an “overrated singer” who really “cheated properly” with her latest album, “Flower Bookmark.”

Find out more about IU’s ordeal and what she really meant by the statements she made on the airing of “Healing Camp” tonight.

IU Speaks of Pre-Debut Family Pressures on “Healing Camp”

IU has spoken of the difficulties of her pre-debut family life, admitting that her childhood was full of tough times. The singer was speaking on the SBS talk show “Healing Camp,” which aired in the evening of July 7.

In a frank interview on the show, she revealed that a great strain was put on her at an early age when financial pressures resulted in tough times for her family.

She said, “My father’s business project failed, and it meant that various members of my family ended up living in different places.”

The singer recalled her reaction to a traumatic occasion when her mother asked her if she would prefer to live with her, or to go to stay with her father. “I told her I’d rather live alone than live with her,” said IU. “And it’s something I regret saying to this very day.”

IU’s musical debut came at the age of 15, when she released the mini album “Growing Up.” The star has recently featured on a track for g.o.d’s comeback album, “Chapter 8.”

You can check out footage of IU on “Healing Camp” in the video below.

IU Confesses that Her Self-Esteem Goes Up When She is Dating

IU honestly shared her thoughts on dating.

During the July 7 broadcast of SBS’s Healing Camp, IU revealed that her self-esteem goes up when she is dating.

IU said, “I usually have low self-esteem but when I’m dating, my self-esteem goes up because of the fact that the person I like has chosen to like none other than me.”

She added, “When I’m in love I think everything about that person is great. So that makes me think of myself as great, which increases my self-esteem.”

IU Confesses that She is Going Through Puberty Now

IU confessed that she′s going through puberty now.

July 7’s broadcast of SBS’s Healing Camp will air a special episode featuring Kim Chang Wan, IU and Akdong Musician.

IU confessed during filming that she never went through puberty.

IU surprised everyone by saying, “There was no time period in my life which I can call adolescence. I even thought of myself as a cyborg.”

Recollecting her past when she couldn’t wholly feel emotions such as happiness or sadness, IU said, “There were difficult times in the past but I could not feel that I was struggling.”

Having spent her youth without going through the emotional trials of puberty, IU confessed, “I think I’m going through puberty now.”
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