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Ji Sung Says Jogging 15 Kilometers Every Morning Has Changed His Life


The reason Ji Sung jogged every morning isn′t a simple one.

Running 15 kilometers every morning, Ji Sung didn’t skip a day even when he was staying in Busan to film Good Friends. And though he had a topless scene in the film, the scene wasn′t the reason he chose to jog 15 kilometers every day.

Meeting with Newsen, Ji Sung said, “I like having a stable life. I don’t want to live a complicated and extraordinary life just because my job is an actor. Everyone has a period of happiness in life as well as a period of trauma and suffering. When I debuted in my 20’s I was lost and struggled a lot. I comforted myself by drinking alcohol and believed that success was the only things that could make me happy. So I just ran as if I was crazy. But I couldn’t do much about feeling depressed deep inside.”

Ji Sung spent tough times in his 20’s as his father was against his decision to become an actor and his parents went through a divorce. What cured the emptiness he felt was not alcohol, but jogging. The existence of his wife Lee Bo Young also helped him find peace of mind.

Ji Sung said, “Running helped me get rid of the trauma that I really wanted to run away from. Jogging means a lot to me. It helped me wash away the trauma of the past which alcohol could not get rid of. I started running since I don’t know when. I also think about what my mother told me. She told me to laugh even during difficult times and now I automatically laugh even when I’m struggling.”

Since then, he has been continuing to jog. No matter how tough filming for Good Friends was, he woke up early to jog. His junior actor Lee Kwang Soo expressed that he was motivated to see that.

“Sometimes people ask me if I’m addicted to exercising. (laughter) I just laugh it off. Jogging holds more than a simple meaning to me so it’s hard to explain it in words. When I run, I get fresh energy. I can get over my slump and overcome things I struggle with.”

Celebrating his 15th year since the debut this year, Ji Sung remained humble by saying, “I’m just thankful that I still receive casting offers.” He also achieved his dream of starting his own family by marrying Lee Bo Young last year.

“I’m thankful for my wife. I told her after we got married that we should be together eternally without being greedy. Am I halfway into my life as an actor? Am I almost at the end? Did I not even start? I think there’s no answer. I think it all changes based on your perspective. I just want to do my best each and every moment. Even if that mean I’m walking in place, I’m happy.”
source: mwave, kmagazinelovers
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