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Yoona answers prayers, says no to ‘Nodame Cantabile’

Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Yoona decided to turn down the lead role for Nodame Cantabile.

SM Entertainment told Newsen on July 14, “We received numerous casting offers and after thorough consideration we decided to turn down the offer.”

Instead, Yoona has recently confirmed to act as the lead of Korea-Chinese collaboration film Goodbye Ani.

Yoona has been discussed as the strongest candidate for the lead role of ‘Nodame’ in KBS 2TV’s Nodame Cantabile (tentative) scheduled to air in October. Juri Ueno took the role of ‘Nodame’ in the original Japanese drama, receiving a lot of love.

‘Nodame’ is a student majoring in Piano who has a 4 dimensional personality. As Yoona has decided not to take the role, attention has reverted to who will be acting as ′Nodame′ in the Korean version of the drama.

1. [+2,323, -43] How fortunate...

2. [+1,747, -42] Good choice... Less to worry about.

3. [+1,642, -31] Yoona's avoided the extreme.

4. [+1,623, -242] Can't believe she's even in the position to be rejecting such a role

5. [+1,253, -25] Good choice....

6. [+311, -22] Good choice, the majority of the comments were hateful not to mention she doesn't match the role anyway

7. [+304, -16] At least she's realistic. Public sentiment was largely negative last time so it's good that she gave it up.

8. [+316, -57] Good choice, Saebyuk-ah~^^ How is it that your acting hasn't changed for years since your role as Saebyuk, your acting's always remained the same

9. [+251, -11] A win win for both parties

10. [+232, -4] Fortunate... It didn't match Yoona at all

source: mwave, netizenbuzz, naver

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