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Rejoice, Yoo In Na to play the lead!

Yoo In Na, Jin Yi Han, Nam Goong Min and Lee Young Eun Confirmed for Drama ‘My Secret Hotel’

TvN’s upcoming drama My Secret Hotel, which will broadcast after High School King of Life finishes, has confirmed its casting with Yoo In Na, Jin Yi Han, Nam Goong Min and Lee Young Eun.

My Secret Hotel is a 16-episode mystery romance drama about a divorced couple Nam Sang Hyo (Yoo In Na) and Goo Hae Young (Jin Yi Han) who meet again as the manager of wedding ceremony and the groom at Korea’s best hotel.

It is a drama with a mixed genre of romantic comedy and mystery, presenting both sweet romance and thrills this summer.

Yoo In Na will be acting as lead ‘Nam Sang Hyo,’ a perfectionist, optimistic and bright manager at a hotel’s wedding business team who dreams of becoming the hotel’s top manager. She will be preparing her ex-husband’s wedding and get involved in an unpredictable murder case.

Jin Yi Han will be acting as ‘Goo Hae Young,’ who is ‘Nam Sang Hyo’s ex-husband. He was passionately in love with Nam Sang Hyo seven years ago and got married but they ended up getting divorced within 100 days due to Goo Hae Young’s tendency to take relationships lightly.

Nam Goong Min will be acting as Nam Sang Hyo’s boss and the hotel’s management director, ‘Jo Sung Gyeom.’

Having a gentle personality, he is the most popular guy at the hotel who forms a love triangle with Nam Sang Hyo and Yeo Eun Joo.

Lee Young Eun will act as ‘Yeo Eun Joo,’ the hotel’s public relations manager who has a cool personality. She will be fighting over ‘Jo Sung Gyeom’ with ‘Nam Sang Hyo’ and make use of the murder case to her advantage.

CJ E&M’s Hwang Joon Hyuk PD who is in charge of My Secret Hotel said, “We will be bringing Yoo In Na, Jin Yi Han, Nam Goong Min and Lee Young Eun’s acting ability, unique characters and storyline to the small screen this summer, so please show your interest and love.”

The drama is set to air on August 18.
source: mwave

both this and nine boy sound pretty interesting, hope tvn won't disspoint
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