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SeeYa new member SooMi revealed

SeeYa’s new member SooMi has been revealed.

SeeYa’s company revealed the photo of SooMi on 19th August. SooMi is born in 1989 and is 170cm tall, not only has she got the looks, she is well versed in singing and dancing.

SooMi has previously in 2001 taken part and got through the preliminary round to SBS ‘Brilliant Voice’ which Park JinYoung has also participated in.

SooMi has dreamed to be a singer from young and has always taken part in various auditions. But her parents objected to her plans after she got through an audition and she continued with her studies.

Until recently, when SooMi was preparing to enter an airlines company, she has met with a staff from Core Contents Media and was persuaded to join the company. She will take over Nam GyuRi’s position in SeeYa from now.

SooMi said, “I’m very honoured to be part of one of the best female groups SeeYa but there is some pressure to it too. I will work hard to be like YeonJi and BoRam unnie. Even though I may still be lacking I will do my best.”

Source: sookyeong
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