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Naver special interview with B1A4's MV director!

Special | Our New Anniversary, July 14 B1A4’s ‘SOLO DAY’

Group dancing can traditionally be found in idol music videos, but they’re breaking away from that focus. The music video is reminiscent of a short film in the sense of its story and sophisticated picture beauty. Within it, the B1A4 members melt into their characters. There is also a more increased understanding of the music since they directly produced the music video and composed the songs. Showing aspects as artists, B1A4 is telling an honest story of their own. Artist B1A4’s ‘SOLO DAY’ does not require any modifiers. Their story begins now.

Album | Songs Lyricist, Composer, Producer, Through the Leap as an Artist

It is by no means a flowing day after day. People who are in a routine that they want to get out of, leaving to find a dream. This story appeared in B1A4’s mini album to recreate a sense of their own point of view, which contains a growing figure in becoming a complete artist. Because they know that time is not infinite, that all humans are alone and exist in their lives. All of the meetings that have parting words behind it hiding in the shadows. The wrinkle of your nose with young excitement and the sweet memories will wither away causing nothing to be left but darkness and sorrow.

This is B1A4’s own stance against human loneliness. How should we deal with it?

B1A4’s fifth mini album title song is ‘SOLO DAY’ which shows a new perspective on being solo and to transform it as an expression from their own understanding. In Korea, the meaning of Solo is often the opposite of couple, but in English-speaking countries, the expression is Single, not Solo. But ‘SOLO DAY’’s Solo is outside the frame of the existing concepts. B1A4 creates a new code that has a light and feel good start and a time of maturing.

There is a contained message in this album’s title track as well as B1A4’s growth as an artist that can be felt even more. Appearing in this mini album are 6 songs, every one of which is led by leader Jinyoung, CNU, and Baro who are involved in the songwriting and producing of the songs for the album. With this, their distinctive music and colors appear. The title song ‘SOLO DAY’ is a country pop song that uses a strong electric and soft acoustic guitar. There is a guitar harmony that anyone can hum to and you can feel the natural refreshing melodies and sensuous beats. You can also even feel the freshness even more with the member’s refined voices.

Talk | Music Video Director and Agency Making Video Discussion

B1A4’s fifth mini album’s title song ‘SOLO DAY’’s music video concept was to strictly create the unique ‘B1A4’ style. The song itself gives off a cool summer feel and the members living as characters was put in to complete the story. Also, the music video has an overall retro style feel in order to create the overall color from the pre-planning to the writing. So then the 32-year-old rookie director Yoo Sunggyun and the agency met in order to produce the MV. Let’s hear about the commentary for this music video.

Q. What are your impressions of B1A4 and the music video?

Director Yoo Sunggyun: B1A4 is a group that really has a lot of charms. Each individual member has a different feeling. It’s such that the member’s colors have emerged well, I wanted to naturally display B1A4’s unique bright and cheery energy in the MV.  And even on the album B1A4 has composed all of the songs, they have enough musical talent and sense that they don’t have to be worried about being stuck as an idol in the public’s perspective. So the music video story is created from the story of five young guys finding their dreams. So from the planning stage the B1A4 members and the company discussed together and if you had a good idea, you instantly tried to reflect B1A4’s unique feeling as much as possible.

Q. What would the story throughout the music video be saying if it had a message?

Director Yoo Sunggyun: It seems like nowadays modern people are getting used to mobile phones and computers that are made to live in a virtual world. There are no relationships between people as you can be anonymous on SNS, the online world has made the world one, though. I also like to play games and there’s a respect for this era, but I think that people need to grow more in harmony. You may know while watching the MV, but the five characters are friends who are facing different environments. Did you perhaps find what the five characters have in common?

WM Entertainment: Yes. We also, after we had released the member’s character images for the first time, had laughed for a while after the fans gathered to say that they don’t like the style of the boyfriends, but in fact, the friends are all alone. Even when the members determined the song concept, when it was done, those who don’t have lovers aren’t SOLO, for the lonely people it’s a sense of ‘personal’ approach. The meaning of the word SOLO in English speaking countries is a little bit different, because in K-Pop, ‘solo day’ is a buzzword, so we thought it would be okay. When you look at one of poet Jung Hosung’s verses in ‘To the Daffodil’ which is “Because you are lonely you are a person/Living means enduring the loneliness” the word comes out. We think that all of us in mankind can’t help but be lonely.

Director Yoo Sunggyun: Yes. So in the music video the five alone friends through this journey together join together to mature and a story draws out of it.

Q. Looking at the publicly released teaser video and music video, the member’s characters were created as a 2D dot graphics game, unique.

Director Yoo Sunggyun: Honestly, all of the staff liked that kind of code. In order to maximize the American feel, we took advantage of the props. For the car shooting we borrowed a mansion to complete it and there was an old game console there. Therefore we formed the idea to have the member’s characters appear in a 2D dot graphic game and we made the CG. You may know while looking at the music video, but there’s Jinyoung playing a car game, and that’s the most important connecting point in the music video. Jinyoung’s character is trapped in a room, he’s disconnected with people and finds enjoyment playing games, and also has hermit-like tendencies. While he’s in his room enjoying the car game, it becomes a reality. Of course up until the end of the music video they had gone on a driving trip and all of the story was revealed to be Jinyoung’s dream, but eventually Jinyoung, in his own reality and in order to find his actual dream, throws the dusty car sheet and goes into the world with his footsteps.

Q. In the music video, the emergence of the UFO was a great reversal. What does the UFO mean?

WM Entertainment:  In the teaser the UFO kept coming out suggestively and some worried about how in the world SOLO would relate to it. With the members in the planning process, we had told the story about the UFO as a joke, we really didn’t think the UFO would come out. During the refining of the planning, although it’s a little unexpected, we thought these elements could also show B1A4’s unique styled music video. The UFO is Baro’s eagerly sought out dream. Although many people said it wasn’t there, it may be the most important thing to someone. We wanted to show that sometimes it is the impractical ideas and imagination that can become a reality.

Director Yoo Sunggyun: Yes. In the UFO talking world, there are a variety of people, and I think that diverse opinions should be respected. I think that many think it’s alright to trample the minority, but isn’t that stark violence? When Columbus said that the earth is round, just like how no one believed him, sometimes thinking differently could be a great discovery.

Q. While shooting the music video, were there any episodes or difficulties?

Director Yoo Sunggyun: The ‘SOLO DAY’ music video was shot in America and is a result that is made by the joining forces of the South Korean staff and the United States staff. The song’s feeling is so good that even listening to it once will cause the melody to become secretly addicting so much that even the foreign staff were humming “Solo solo day.” We would sing it together. If there were a hard point it would be the severe weather temperature range. Although the weather during the day would be like hot humid summer day, the night would suddenly be really cold. It was a tough time, but the ones that would have suffered the most would be the members who were wearing thin clothes and were busy shooting.

WM Entertainment: And Director! We also had a thrilling moment on site, right? Sandeul’s party scene was the last shot and you were the one who shot it with the camera. The camera fell into the swimming pool. At that moment the music video director and the staff went at the same time to get the camera more than the director. The atmosphere was very tense at the moment. Our B1A4 members exerted a positive mindset. When it was said that the camera was recovered, the members were all relieved, and rather, that was a sign of it being a big success.

Director Yoo Sunggyun: The last party scene was really a thrilling moment. But as demonstrated by the B1A4 members, the atmosphere was able to have a good flow again. Even though it was physically tiring for a few days, I’m really thankful to them for laughing until the end and doing their best filming. In fact, within that short time, it’s unfortunate that we couldn’t do all of the stories we had planned, but the time was spent with joyful moments. I don’t think I’ll forget the memories of the time spent together with the B1A4 members. The B1A4 members as well as WM Entertainment officials who have lent this seat as well as all of the staff, I would like to express my gratitude. This time B1A4’s title track of ‘SOLO DAY’ is a song that represents the summer season and is currently being loved by many people. This album is a step forward for them as an artist and an opportunity to hope and cheer heartily.

source: naver, trans by banasubbers (read the full article at the source)

To anyone who's wondering what the MV meant, the director (a rookie at that!) and a WM rep discuss it in this interview! It's worth a read. Photos were posted here.
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