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Eddy Kim's "Darling, Darling" and Info about his 2nd solo concert!!


With his sweet new song ‘Darling’, Eddy Kim makes his comeback with his second solo concert. Eddy Kim gives a greeting full of romance with <Hello, Summer>

Eddy Kim is someone who’s fallen in love.
Her name is ‘Summer’
Big words written with care and if they were to ultimately meet it would be bright, but soon after meeting she will act like ‘Oppa, we’ll meet later’ and Eddy Kim will go to sleep confused by her.
Gently, with a warm mood undoubtedly he’ll want to hug her because today too Eddy Kim worries about her.
Surely Eddy Kim ‘Master of Push and Pull’ can make Summer his ‘Darling’?

If in the summer you want cool music with romantic love songs, Eddy Kim’s concert <Hello, Summer> is filled with them
Coming in August is Eddy Kim’s girl, bringing summer.

Dates: August 8-10 (Friday-Sunday) at 8PM
Place: Sogang University Melli Hall
Ticket Price: 66,000 won

Ticket sales open July 21st at 8PM (Korean Time), you can get them here

Sources: Mystic89's Youtube, Mystic89's Twitter (1, 2), Interpark
Translation: Hyunbiased at

I can't believe it I'm going to be in Korea literally 1 week after the concert ugh I have the worst luck

Bear in mind that for his 1st concert, tickets sold out for both days within 5 minutes so if you want them you have to be fast
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