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♪ LODIA Music Post ♫

"Effy's Demo-1 [45% Ver.] This version is 45% version for sketch and DEMO. Effy composed roughly melody and track by herself Stay tuned for next version! (Lyric is meaningless!)"

"Hello guys :) I'm Elena of LODIA ! This is a sketch song by me which haven't fully arranged yet. (Lyric is meaningless!) I will love to have some feedbacks and recommendations to compelete this song.
Lodia is planning to share more demo songs with everyone so that we can be a group who make musics with fans :)
We will also share the process of compeleting this song.
Thank you ^-^
Have an awesome day!"

"Hello :) this is Elena
This my second demo song call 'Hey Boy'
I would say its about 60% done.
I believe it would have more energy to the rhythm once its finished it is very relaxed groove song.
The story of the song is about a girl who finally able to let her man go and that's how i am planning to complete the song.
For our next demo song, we are planning to write something very up beat and exciting song like 'I Got A Feeling'
Thank you :)"


Truth or dare? "

sources: lodia: 1, 2, 3 & facebook

it seems like both girl's can speak english pretty well! (and this is my first "big" post so I'm sorry if it's done wrong or not that organized! )
Tags: nugu
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