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My Name Is... MAMAMOO

My Name is Moonbyul, real name Moon Byul Yi. On the day I was born, my father worried about what he should name me. He looked up at the sky and on that particular night there were so many stars shining that he end up with Byul (T/N: Means “star” in Korean). The intended meaning [of my name] is that I would be a person who sparkles and shines [like the stars].

Born December 22, 1992, I’m in charge of rap and performance in Mamamoo. I also personally created the dance for “Mr. Ambiguous”.

When I was young, I saw TVXQ’s “Rising Sun” performance and fell in love. I have a timid personality so I would copy the choreography at home. Speaking of it, that reminds me of the first time I was able to stand in front of an audience. I really liked the feeling of being onstage. From that point on, little by little I would self-study, go on auditions and eventually become a singer.

The strong point of my voice when I rap is my low pitched tone. On top of that, my style of rapping with clear pronunciation makes for good delivery of the lyrics. I enjoy R&B and Hip-Hop and compared to other genres, I also feel confident that I can do well in them.

Hi, Byul-ah? It would be good if you weren’t afraid of challenges. It would be good if you weren’t afraid of change either. Let’s not be afraid of anything. Now is just the start, and things will be more difficult and also more happy later, so don’t crumble. You’re doing what you want to do, so make it a happy ending. Got it, Byul-ah? (T/N: This section is Moonbyul writing a message to herself.)

My Name is Whee In, real name Jung Whee In. The Hanja for my name is written as “Shining Person” to mean that I will be a person who shines. It’s the same meaning as Moonbyul’s name? HoHo. When my aunt was young she liked romance comics. At the time of my birth there was a comic called, “For the Mermaid Princess” and the male main character’s name was Jo Whee In. My mom thought it was a pretty name and attached a good meaning to it [with Hanja].

Born April 17, 1995, hailing from Jeonju, Jeollabukdo. I’m in charge of vocals and performance. When I introduce myself, I say “Whee In” as if I’m whistling. “Hello. I am ‘Whoosh~’ Whee In, who is in charge of vocals and performance in Mamamoo.”

My mother did Art Photography at the College of Fine Arts. I also have a lot of interest in the arts. I did art myself and listened to a great deal of music. Because of that, I developed a lot of sensitivity and it had an influence in music as well. I found my way to being a singer.

I didn’t think I had a husky voice, but people around me said they thought it was husky. Although I don’t have vocals that jump right out at you, I think I have a voice that melds well with any genre. I enjoy listening to Urban R&B.

Hi, Whee In-ah. I hope you keep the same (more or less) balanced mind and continue working hard, going straight ahead. Don’t be shaken. I hope you will go down your path with conviction. Let’s treat the people around us well.

My Name is Hwa Sa, real name Ahn Hye Jin. The Hanja for my name means “Grace in Truth”. [The interpretation would be that] I should become a genuine woman? How I came to use the stage name Hwa Sa is that one day I just decided I wanted the name. Even though it gives off the feeling of an adjective, there’s no one out there using the word as their name so I asked the representative for his opinion. He approved it easily. (T/N: In Korean, Hwa Sa means “bright”.)

Born July 23, 1995, hailing from Jeonju, Jeollabukdo. The same age and from the same place as Whee In, we’ve been close friends since the first year of middle school. Now, [being together] is so natural.

Naturally, when I was young I dreamed of being a singer. Being a singer was my only dream. In middle school I was in a musical and thought of standing on a big stage. I went overseas, as well. Ever since then I’d been thinking of the path [I’d take].

I’m really interested in acting. My first will always be singing, but if we are talking about a second [love], it would be acting. I like looking into the mirror by myself and talking. Also trying out different facial expressions. I’d like to participate in musicals or acting.

There are a lot of genres of music I like. I like Jazz and Blues. I love Hip Hop and R&B. I really like Heavy Metal. But I have a bit more confidence when it comes to Jazz.

My mother is Buddhist. She asked the priests to write a poem about my voice. There, it is written that my voice is “like the glow of a sunset”. It’s warm and makes people feel good.

Hye Jin-ah. Let’s succeed in our diet.

My Name is Solar, real name Kim Yong Sun. The Hanja for my name is written as “Fresh Face”. So I have a fresh face!? I’ve never seen one in actuality, so I don’t know if I have a fresh face or not. Haha. Musically, I wanted to use a stage name and I vaguely thought of “Doremi”. Keeping the [music] scale in mind, I’m responsible for the high pitch, so I decided on Solar. In English, Solar also has the meaning of Sun so it connects with the “Sun” in my real name, as well.

Born February 21, 1991, I am the leader in Mamamoo.

I didn’t dream of becoming a singer. When I was 20~21, I dreamed of being a flight attendant. I focused only on that path and studied, but found out that it wasn’t for me. I was walking around Hongdae with a friend one day, when by chance there was an event where they gave you a present if you sang, so I sang there. In the audience there was a person who worked in the business, so I had a brush of fate with the music industry.

I like Southern Hip Hop. Like Lil’ Wayne! Just listening to it helps me relieve stress. As for singing, I sing R&B and lovely [songs] well. Most importantly, I have good vocal chords. Haha. When people listen to me sing they say it’s refreshing and impactful.

Hi, Solar-ya. Just like right now, I hope you won’t forget your original intentions. I hope you act the same way towards others in the end, as you did in the beginning. I hope you grow strong within yourself. There will be lots of times when you feel weak. You will have moods where you feel depressed and moods where you feel good, but I hope you strengthen your heart. Keep working hard like you are now, and let’s get a Rookie Award.

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