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Lucky J Drops Video for Debut Track, “Can You Hear Me?”

The group comprises of three members, male rappers J’Kyun and J-Yo, as well as female singer Jessi. Although some K-pop fans might have expected a harder-edged rap number as a debut, the song may take some people by surprise. Even though it does feature extended rap sections, the instrumental track is quite melodic, and the song displays the powerful vocals of Jessi, who sings the track’s infectious hook.


Indeed, “Can you Hear Me?” is somewhat reminiscent of the style of Lucky J’s YMC Entertainment label mate, Ailee, who is also known on the K-pop scene for her powerful singing. Also on the talent agency’s roster are stars such as Wheesung and hip hop duo Baechigi.

I love it, already fangirling over Jessi

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