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HOMME to comeback with "It Girl" ft. 9muses Kyungri!


The return of duo Homme, with 2AM’s Changmin and 8eight’s Lee Hyun, is drawing near and photos from the set of their music video shoot have been revealed!
In recent tweets by Big Hit Entertainment, Changmin and Lee Hyun are seen posing on a couch with none other than Nine Muses’ Kyungri! In a bright setting. the three are seen sitting on a green couch while smiling and holding up peace signs or waving at the camera.

As previously revealed, Homme will be returning on July 23rd with their title track “It Girl”. “It Girl” will be a summer romance song of a guy meeting his ideal girl.
With these cute pictures from the music video shoot, in addition to the previous teaser photos, are you looking forward to Homme’s comeback even more?

source: koreaboo

Tags: 2am, 8eight, comebacks, homme, nine muses, teaser
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