B ♠ (desertspade) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
B ♠

AlphaBAT update post~

AlphaBAT TV! episode one, with fie and epsilon:

episode two, with jebeta:

episode three, of a fanmeeting + code's birthday

beta made a youtube! and uploaded the full video of the instagram videos:

[interview from when they were in malaysia~]interview from when they were in malaysia:

Iota's “Shut Up” for HipHopLE’s Do the Right Rap competition

fie dancing with studio prepix to pharrell's marilyn monroe

source: AlphaSubs, 2; AlphaBAT Official; Jee Hayong; Nugu Subbing Team, 2, 3, 4; fyeahalphabat/ILLOW; Studio Prepix

if any of y'all wanna follow them on instagram then here you go: official, beta, code, delta, fie, gamma
Tags: alphabat
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