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Choi Jin Hyuk on dating


Choi Jin Hyuk knows what he wants in a relationship.

Choi Jin Hyuk recently attended a photoshoot with the August issue of Ceci, filmed in a café late at night after he finished filming his drama.

Being named as a ‘real man’ among other men and a ‘desirable man’ among women, Choi Jin Hyuk shared some tips on how to get close to him on a personal level.

Choi Jin Hyuk shared, “I think showing manners is important in any relationship. I can’t easily like someone who ignores that from the beginning. I get close to the person if I can easily talk to them. It has only been about two, three years since I started drinking and only now I’ve been realizing the joy of drinking as I get closer to people. I am shy in the beginning but once I get close, I become chatty.”

He also revealed his dating style, saying, “I tend to go all-in for the person I like. I put everything aside and focus on the person. And if I’m in a relationship, I want the other person to do the same. I don’t like relationships that are lukewarm.”

source: mwave
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