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Kang Ha Neul enjoys overworking himself + new photoshoot


Many k-drama actors juggle demanding drama schedules with film work, but this year Kang Ha Neul outdid himself by appearing on the small screen and in no less than four films, "Mourning Grave," "C'est Si Bon," "Age of Innocence" and "Twenty."

His multiple roles required him to rush back and forth between sets for three of his films and it was a challenge, not only remembering his lines, but also remembering where he was supposed to be. He confessed that he was at one point so overwhelmed he forgot the code to get into the home he recently moved in to. But he's not complaining.

He's grateful to have projects to work and strive for.

He has appeared in films before. He had a role in "You're My Pet" with Jang Geun Suk and in "Battlefield Heroes," a war comedy. But this year his film career really took off with a chance to work in more films and have leading roles. His role in "Mourning Grave" was his first leading film role and he felt a special affection for the mystery horror film.

"It was a low-budget production with a tight schedule," he said. "Everyone gathered and shared their ideas, and because of this, we all felt affectionate toward the film."

In the film he plays a young man who can see ghosts. They torment him until he meets a young female ghost played by his real life friend and former Chung Ang University classmate Kim So Eun.

When asked why he chose a role in a horror film, he said that his decision had less to do with the genre than the anti-bullying message.

"I choose projects that convey a good message," he said.

The young actor has appeared in several dramas, including playing a track star in "To The Beautiful You" and a musically talented class president in "Monstar." Most recently he played the young Park Dong Joo in "Angel Eyes."

Playing the student Hyo Shin in "The Heirs" may have been a turning point in the actor's career but Kang Ha Neul was always considered a triple threat since he can also sing and dance. Even when he was a rookie, his talent and charming off-screen personality led some to call him a young Lee Seung Gi.

His next film project is "Twenty" in which he co-stars with Kim Woo Bin, Lee Joon Ho and Jung Joo Yeon.
In a recent interview with "Singles" magazine he confessed that films and dramas were not enough. He also yearns to return to the stage.

"I'm someone who really needs to be on stage. Being on stage is the moment when I charge my battery. When I film a drama, acting is only done in a rush and I get desperate to be on stage again."

Since he likes to keep busy, fans may one day soon have the opportunity to see him in a musical.


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