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Hodge Podge of Sistar's "Touch My Body" News!

Sistar recorded an episode of Hello Counselor on July 13th, the episode will be aired July 21st.

Soyou and Sam Okyere after filming Non Summit

Dasom in the studio with Rovin (who produced "Ok Go!" off of Sistar's "Touch&Move mini)

Bora takes a selca! Translation: [Bora] SISTAR comeback D-3!!!! Wait for TOUCH MY BODY!!♡ #씨스타 #터치마이바디 #TOUCHMYBODY

Sistar's 2nd mini album, "Touch&Move" will have six tracks:

1. Wow
2. Touch My Body
3. 나쁜손 ft. Verbal Jint (Bad Hands)
4. But I Love U
5. Ok Go!
6. Sunshine

Hyolyn has been credited as one of the writers for the track "Sunshine" along with Min Yeon Jae (who also was the lyricist behind Soyou x JungGigo's "Some") and Mandy Ventrice. Hyolyn's past writing credits includes Sistar's "Crying" (from their Give it To Me album) and the chorus of "Stalker" from her own solo debut, Love&Hate.

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