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Show Me The Money 3 Ep. 2 Subs! With Disclaimer

SMTM S3 E2 by piggynahae

DISCLAIMER: Our subbing team does not endorse the racist comments within this episode. We are merely subbing what had been aired.
For more detailed info:

I feel uncomfortable about subbing parts of this second episode of smtm, because of the racist comments just casually thrown about and dismissed. I don’t know what would be the right way to address it as a subber.

1) That guy who just said the n-word, and how the smtm production team didn’t even bother to censor that out. I felt disgusted while translating the guy’s rap. Idk.. doesn’t make me feel good. It’s inappropriate and racist. Producers.. what are you doing?

2) C Jamm’s punchline for his rap goes along the lines of:

everyone just wants to deny

but I’m not even Indian, polygamy

Removing the Indian part, this would have been a perfectly solid punchline. To elaborate further, ‘deny’ in Korean is ‘부인’ which is a word meaning wife as well (Jolly V used the deny/wife meaning of ‘부인’ as part of her punchline as well). And while it is clever, I find it inappropriate and insensitive to associate Indians with polygamy. To my knowledge, India has forbidden polygamy and it is only permissible to certain Muslims who choose to live that style of life (which I have no judgement for— hey, to each their own). Maybe it’s just me being sensitive, but I just don’t feel comfortable with those terms.

Koreans, let’s be culturally accepting and stop with the perpetuation of ignorance, racism, and hate. That’s something I would love to see more of within the Korean community. I’m being specific with Koreans, because SMTM is a Korea-based show, but this of course, applies to all.

Am I just babbling at this point though? Is it just me?


Be sure to message them on tumblr to say thank you!

Source: Nahae Kim Dailymotion, ijustwannarhyme Tumblr

There's some problematic things in this episode that the dubbers addressed. Please read the disclaimer first. Let me know if I missed any tags.
Tags: cultural insensitivity / racism, hip hop, san e, show me the money, tablo, yg entertainment
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