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Mini Mamamoo post

Title: Hwa Sa’s Sleepless Night


Ta-da! Hwa Sa has shown up! It’s been a while since I’ve written a diary. Suddenly my hands are tapping the keyboard !!!! (tap tap tap tap) Busy concept^^

That picture is one taken in the car after a campaign video shoot. Even though it’s an unexpected photo…

The Moo Moos who came from far away today, I’ll send you back with a guilty conscience (T/N: Fans couldn’t get into the music show that day). I intended on dusting off my photo album for you all. I posted a bright picture, but… right now, I don’t know if I’m feeling uneasy or what since I can’t sleep..

Performing today without Moo Moos’ cheers, I think we all felt empty after the stage was over. We’ll quickly expand our position and improve the environment so that our Moo Moos can do their activities comfortably. (T/N: The more popular a group is, the more likely and easier it is for their fans to get into music programs, so she is basically saying Mamamoo will hurry up and get more popular so Moo Moos don’t have to worry about this kind of thing.)

Now, I will slightly relieve my sloppy hard drive. Ladies and gentlemen (T/N: Written in Korean) let’s get on photo show (T/N: Written in English).


This photo was taken in the car during the endless standby when we went to Changwon. It’s one of the few we saved out of the innumerable amount we took. I came out looking like Jigsaw (T/N: From the Saw movies) but.. the members look fresh and spicy like chili sauce kekekekekekekekekeke? Truthfully, I’m thinking about chicken nuggets right now so the members look like sauce to me. Sorry^ㅅ^

This was our first provincial schedule so it was really fun…even though we returned home as corpses^^ In the future we will have more provincial schedules and meet MooMoos so wait a bit more ^^


I’m uploading this diary suddenly so I have no good photos to show…………..I’m not the type to take a lot of selcas, so that’s why I have nothing^0^

Instead I have brought an unreleased cut from the music video filming. It’s just me though.. I decorated myself, I like myself, so I am my own wallpaper hahahah. Ah, so fun. It’s really fun isn’t everyone ^^? (This isn’t me trying to force a fun atmosphere^^*)

And Mamamoo group photo.


Ta-da! Those who own the album know, right??^U^



This has been the innocent Mamamoo.

*Gasp* I better hurry up and go to bed (This isn’t me trying to end this quickly so I can go to sleep^^*)


Moo Moos should quickly go to bed, as well.
Tranquilizer gun bbang bbang!

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