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Wassup to hold solo concert in Brazil + reveal concert greeting message!

Hip-hop girl group Wassup is going to be the first K-Pop girl group to hold a solo concert in South America! The concert and a fan meet are scheduled for this upcoming September in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This will be the start of their South American concert tour.

Although several K-Pop boy groups have already held concerts in South America, this will be the first time for a K-Pop girl group to hold a solo concert in South America. Will this open up the second chapter of the K-Pop girl group boom in South America?

With the announcement of their concert plans, they have now released an English video message to greet fans for their upcoming concert! Watch the cute video as they thank their Brazilian fans for their support!

Since their debut in 2013 with the single “Wa$$up”, Wassup first started to garner attention with their twerking moves and other compelling choreographies. They are part of the Mafia Record agency and consist of seven members - Jinju, Nari, Nada, Dain, Woojoo, Sujin and Jiae. Meanwhile, they are in preparation for their comeback in Korea approaching soon.

Source: Osen via Koreaboo + Mafia Wassup
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