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Uee Hurt During “Law of the Jungle: Indian Ocean” Filming

After School member Uee has been hurt while filming the latest episode of SBS reality show “Law of the Jungle: Indian Ocean.”

The star has been taking part in the show, whereby celebrities are sent to remote islands in the Indian Ocean and divided into “tribes.” These tribes are then asked to complete challenges and fend for themselves in often hostile surroundings.

During the filming of the most recent episode of the show, however, there was a frightening moment for Uee, which followed a day of drama for the star. The tribe was beset with problems during the entire day of shooting, as their plastic shelter seemed in danger of being washed away by the tide. They were also running low on food.

After a foraging trip, the tribe managed to find some fruit growing on trees, and were enjoying their find when a huge wave swept through their camp, knocking the After School member off her feet. Although Uee received first aid, she appeared to recover quickly from her injuries, and even made inquiries as to the well-being of the rest of her tribe.

Fellow tribe member and popular comedian Kim Byung Man has praised Uee for her survival skills, and has even made a nickname for her, referring to her as a “pretty version of [TV survivalist] Bear Grylls.”

The episode will make up part of the broadcast set to be aired on July 18 at 10pm.

» soompi

After School‘s Uee has left a lasting impression on the viewers of “Law of the Jungle: Indian Ocean” with her courageous and considerate nature.

As previously reported, Uee was searching for food with the cast when she was hit by a large wave, causing her to fall down and hit her head against a rock. She suffered a head injury, and an open wound in her scalp begun bleeding heavily. Although she received first aid immediately after the accident, the deep cut caused others to constantly worry over Uee and her health.

Although the cast was surprised and worried over the sudden injury, Uee continued to smile and stayed strong even while receiving a shot to treat her wound. Feeling sorry for causing others to worry, Uee shed a few tears after returning to the base camp.

We wish Uee a speedy recovery!

» soompi » entertainmentSBS @youtube

Article: UEE gets injured but worries about the other members + calmly gets stitches "different class".
Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+648, -39] Can't even be compared to Park Bo Young who whined to her CEO about the filming being too hard and turned the shoot into a mess.

2. [+616, -19] Even when her head was bleeding and she had to get stitches on her shoulders, she was more worried about the people around her and kept smiling through the procedure.. A person's true character shows in moments like this.

3. [+422, -13] I have experience cutting my head when I fell and hit my head on the floor and the wound never really goes away.. ㅜㅜ Makes me amazed at how UEE held it all in when even my small injury had me in so much pain.

4. [+32, -2] Made me think she's truly the goddess of positivty while watching. She as more worried about her teammates in a situation like that. Made me see UEE in a new light. I hope she finds success!

5. [+26, -3] Hard to find a young woman like UEE in Korea nowadays. Parents don't spend any time teaching kids right from wrong so kids grow up selfish and comfortable. UEE clearly learned a lot under coach Kim Sung Kap and it shows in how loving of a person she is.

» netizenbuzz

uee showing that not only she is beautiful, but she is brave, showcasing her bamf self. but ngl when i saw her fallen i freaked out and almost cried when i saw her injury. she also is proving to be way more useful than most of the guys of the group. is anyone else watching the show? i am really enjoying it, not only for uee, but also james stole my heart and i am shipping him hard with uee.
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