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The Ark’s Jeon Min Joo and Yuna Kim Take a Strong First Step Together with “Good Bye Rain” MV

Jeon Min Joo and Yuna Kim, the first two members of new girl group The Ark, have released their debut (performance version) music video for “Good Bye Rain.” The duo is talented, indeed, the music video showcasing Yuna’s solid rapping skills and Jeon Min Joo’s powerful dance and vocals. Check out the duo’s music video.

The Ark will be a five member girl group and the name is based off of the historical Joan of Arc. Inspired by the famous heroine, The Ark aspires to be a strong yet delicate girl group that will be a leader among the other girl groups.

Yuna Kim and Jeon Min Joo have already proved their talents by releasing solo singles. Yuna Kim showed her powerful and emotional rapping skills, and Jeon Min Joo earned her nickname as “Little BoA” by dancing and singing in her single. These girls had their solo debuts to preview how multi-talented the group will be, and the agency promises that the yet-to-be-revealed members will have their own charms and skills.

Soompi, 1theK (former LOEN MUSIC)
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