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HRB Bae Suzy Looks Stunning in New Pictorial for Marie Claire!

miss A’s Suzy took part in a pictorial for Marie Claire magazine, in collaboration with luxury brand Cartier, to commemorate the launching of its brand new iconic jewelry collection “Amulette de Cartier.”

Suzy flaunts her beauty in this photo shoot, as she poses with the beautiful scenery and background of Hawaii, where it took place.

Many of the cuts were taken inside a modern looking building that was lit up with natural sunlight, making the miss A member’s flawless skin and bodyline stand out even more. Although she displays her usual lovely and feminine self, she also shows off an elegant and mature appearance through her natural expressions and poses.

The pictorial’s concept was ‘fine jewelry layering style,’ which Suzy successfully pulled off, along with a natural makeup look and simple outfits that emphasize her lean figure.

It is reported that Suzy was cheerful during the shoot and very considerate of the staff members, despite the bright sun and hot weather at the location.

You can catch the full pictorial in the August issue of Marie Claire!

[Spoiler (click to open)]

her beauty never stops to amaze me.
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