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Rain gets baptized into the Catholic Church!<3 & Ahn Sung Ki is his Godfather!

According to a music industry insider on July 21, singer and actor Rain was baptized at a cathedral in Gyeonggi-do this month, in the presence of his girlfriend, actress Kim Tae Hee, her family, as well as his close friends and family. It is well known that Kim Tae Hee is a devout Catholic, and it appears that Rain, who was previously agnostic, has been influenced by his girlfriend’s devotion to the religion.

Rain’s agency, Cube DC, told Yonhap News through a phone conversation, “Rain recently received Catholic baptism. It is something that was planned a long time ago.”

With the news of Rain’s baptism spreading in the entertainment industry, rumors of marriage between the famous couple are being raised once again.

After it was initially reported that the two were dating in January of last year, they admitted to being in a relationship, and have continued to meet well, even getting photographed at a restaurant most recently.

However, Cube DC stated, “There are no specific wedding plans yet. Please do not interpret the baptism as an impending marriage.”

Ahn Sung Ki Attends Rain’s Baptism as His Godfather

[More :)]In a development that had many people wondering if marriage was on the horizon for Kim Tae Hee and Rain, it became known earlier today that the singer-actor was baptized July 10 at a cathedral in the presence of his girlfriend, actress Kim Tae Hee, her family, as well as his close friends and family.

It was later reported that fellow actor and respected veteran of the industry Ahn Sung Ki was named Rain’s godfather for his baptism. Ahn Sung Ki was reportedly asked by Kim Tae Hee to take on the role to which he readily accepted as she is one of his cherished juniors in the industry. Ahn Sung Ki is well-known devout Catholic, as well as Kim Tae Hee.

In related news, fans of Ahn Sung Ki will soon be seeing the actor in the American blockbuster “The Last Knights” which stars Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman. Fellow Korean actor Park Si Yeon is also in the movie. “The Last Knights” is due to be out later this year.

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I am so glad to hear this<3 Also, Kim Tae Hee's influence game is strong.
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