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Netizens criticize Choiza for discussing wallet incident w/ Sulli during f(x) “Red Light” promotions

Netizens have recently noticed Dynamic Duo’s Choiza bringing up the topic regarding his lost wallet scandal on TV shows, leading them to wonder if he isn’t aware of the difficulties it might have upon his rumored girlfriend, f(x) Sulli.

Currently, f(x) is promoting their latest title track, “Red Light,” on various music shows, achieving much success. Upon the song’s immediate release, “Red Light” reached an all-kill on nine music charts, and just won 1st place on MBC’s “Show! Champion.” Although the previous news of Choiza’s lost wallet spread rapidly throughout internet portals around June 24th, Sulli still experienced a successful comeback on July 3rd. Besides Section TV’s brief investigation into the scandal, not much was spoken about the issue throughout variety and news shows otherwise.

But then, there came the news that Sulli would not be performing on M! Countdown due to a flu diagnosis back on Friday, July 18th. SM Entertainment had stated shortly, “Sulli had received a terrible case of body aches and the flu. She is feeling better now, but will be absent from any promotions until the end of this week.

Meanwhile, on both July 19th and 20th, Choiza was found to humorously discuss the once hot topic through both “Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook” and tvN’s “SNL Korea Season 5.” This was in direct contradiction to his agency Amoeba Culture’s stand regarding the issue, as they had stated after admittance of the wallet belonging to Choiza three weeks ago, “We have nothing to say regarding the artist’s personal life as shown from the photos in his wallet.” In other words, Amoeba Culture has decided to remain quiet about the whole issue, and perhaps hopes to dispel further interest from the case otherwise. Following this stand, fans have expected Choiza to remain quiet about the case, especially since Sulli was lying low throughout it all, solely focusing on “Red Light.”

Seeing Choiza, then, netizens have reacted in various ways, from surprise that it really is Choiza’s wallet, to feeling worried about Sulli, especially as she is briefly taking a hiatus amidst her promotions. Fans are also aware of Choiza being seemingly oblivious to the effect this may have on Sulli, in terms of backlash from anti-fans and those generally against the couple as a whole. Although both sides have apparently decided to stay quiet, Choiza appears to be dragging Sulli through more hate, as he himself seems to not be as affected by the topic. News media and netizens alike are thus questioning if Choiza really is unaware of what Sulli is experiencing at the moment, as well as the reasons he suddenly is doing so about a month after the news first came up.

Initially, the scandal had been discounted as just a rumor, as neither side specified too much about their relationship. Moreover, with the lost wallet issue, Amoeba Culture only affirmed the fact that it belonged to Choiza, and that they would be taking legal action against the person who had invaded Choiza’s privacy. SM Entertainment did not even release a statement, allowing the situation to die down as promotions from f(x) eventually let the topic sink.

On Saturday, July 19th, however, Yoo Heeyeol brought up the topic again through “SNL Korea”’s ‘People Update’ corner. Sifting through Choiza’s wallet, he commented, “There are no stickers anymore, did you perhaps change your wallet?” Indeed, there were only such things as coupons, with no sight of his previous stickers of Sulli. Choiza then replied, “Since then, I haven’t been carrying [such] important things with me when I go around [in public].”

Choiza further stated that the wallet incident has helped him to stay more conscious about his personal safety.

Though he sounds cautious then, fans have seen Choiza laughing and looking nonplussed as he drew a recognition line graph in the same segment. During the times he was in the Army it is low, while with their comeback song “BAAAM,” the line is higher. But around 2014, when the news of his relationship with Sulli became hot news, the line soars to the top. Choiza simply remarked that the news of his supposed correlation with f(x)’s Sulli has raised his popularity, though viewers could also see it as Choiza simply acknowledging the change in treatment following the rumors.

However, it is also noteworthy to see that when Yoo Saeyoon further parodied the case, Choiza began to look alarmed.

Following Yoo Heeyeol, Yoo Saeyoon brought up the topic regarding Choiza’s wallet again through the ‘Applause Shaman’ corner of “SNL Korea.” Pretending to be a world-famous shaman, Yoo Saeyoon had predicted both Gaeko and Choiza’s love lives as it were in reality. But before he could “predict” Choiza’s love life, Choiza had said, “I’m not curious at all,” stopping him from going further.

Nonetheless, Yoo Saeyoon simply replied, “I saw your future, but I’m not sure [about it]. How had it turned out?

In response, Choiza stated in a surprised manner, “I thought we weren’t going to do this.

Netizens have further reacted in surprise as well, saying, “He should’ve been more careful [with his wallet],” “He sure is getting lots of trouble,” “Yoo Heeyeol is funny,” “Where did the photos go,” and more.

Later, on KBS2’s “Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook,” there were additional mentions of the scandal. During their interview with the MC, Yoo Heeyeol asked the two if Choiza had recently been taking good care of his wallet. Although Dynamic Duo was shocked when Yoo Heeyeol asked the question, Choiza explained that he has been receiving trouble from the entire nation, and stated, I’m currently riding an emotional rollercoaster, with my mood going up and down.

This statement, as well as his shock with Yoo Saeyoon, may have deterred from the rising assumption that he is oblivious to the impact of the issue. Still, the majority are siding against him, especially as he received a necklace key chain from Yoo Heeyoel designed to hold a wallet more securely for him. The audience was said to have laughed and lightened up the mood, but it is further evident that Yoo Heeyeol especially is bringing up the case on both appearances of Gaeko and Choiza last weekend.

There is not any information that could prove Choiza’s or any particular company’s motives, but netizens are consistent with the belief that, “His behavior is completely not minding the fact that f(x) Sulli is promoting right now,” along with, “It looks like Sulli’s associations with Choiza is starting to dampen her singing career.”

In short, Choiza is under fire for bringing up a difficult issue for f(x)’s Sulli, especially in correlation to her absence from promotions throughout this week. Many believe he is ignorant or careless, while a few have avoided the terse issue and simply commented that the MC’s are funny or the two must be dating well.

Stay tuned for more information about Choiza and Sulli’s rumored relationship, as well as their current situation.

[Actual netizens comments]
Article: Is Choiza not reading the flood of hateful comments towards Sulli?

Source: Mydaily via Nate

Article criticizes how Choiza has talked about his 'lost wallet' on three different variety shows already, fueling the negative rumors surrounding him and Sulli.

1. [+724, -33] He can't even protect his young girlfriend... He's out there on TV laughing about it.... I can't stand him....

2. [+618, -26] The article hit the nail on the head. He must be full of himself after talking about it and getting a few laughs the first couple times he talked about it. I really wondered what he was thinking talking about it on SNL like that.

3. [+612, -23] Choiza probably doesn't have a single thought in that head of his at all

4. [+80, -5] He has no sense of respect at all for Sulli. On top of that, he's a celebrity soldier. He's the worst in all extremes. Sulli can do 100000000 times better.

5. [+76, -1] Every time I see him, it just feels like Sulli's image is... getting dirtier?


Source: Naver

1. [+4,505, -157] Choiza's enjoying this. I get that they're dating but in a situation where there are all sorts of sexual comments and pregnancy rumors floating around, did he really have to do that on SNL? What is he going to do about their images once they break up?

2. [+4,358, -160] Why does it feel like Sulli's the victim in all of this?

3. [+3,346, -112] Everything's just too much with him

4. [+2,885, -198] Still can't believe they're denying it with all of this evidence around

5. [+679, -24] Choiza's living the dream as someone 14 years older than her while Sulli's seen as some weird person now and is the victim in all of this, really. She's a woman, let her have some confidence by going public officially or at least not get caught if you're not going to do that. I can't believe he's using their scandal as a gag on a TV show ㅋㅋㅋㅋ He's a joke

6. [+680, -37] This is the final straw for me with Choiza. Why does he keep mentioning it? Does he enjoy the attention?

7. [+687, -44] At this point, I'm even thinking that they've broken up because there's no way a man could do this to his girlfriend.

8. [+642, -43] 100% agree with the article;; He's doing this on purpose. Who does he think he is to ruin a young person's future like this? It's completely his fault that he lost his wallet right as rumors were quieting down. Does he not know the state of comments on f(x) articles? He's a disgusting man.

Source: MyDaily via Nate News, Asiae Economy, Jose Ilbo, Hankooki Seoul Economy, and E Today (E Star) & koreaboo + NetizenBuzz
Tags: dynamic duo, f(x), sulli

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