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HIGH4 to Make Comeback This Month Featuring Mystery Female Artist

Rookie boy group HIGH4 is making a comeback on July 29 with their new song, “Just Do It” (working English title). Just as the group worked with popular female singer IU for their debut track “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms,” this new song will be a collaboration with a female singer, as well.

On July 21, the group released some shots of their new music video set, showing just the back of their second featured guest artist, yet unnamed. Do you think you might know who it is?

Also of note is the participation of HIGH4 members Alex and Youngjoon in the rap-writing, putting their songwriting skills out there for all to see.

In related news, the group recently wrapped up their first solo concert in Japan, called “HIGH4 Summer Snow LIVE.”

Source: soompi, zulakire

I'm excited for this, their debut song was SO good (although that may have been IU's impact). Anyways, who do you think is the mystery singer? Popular guesses have been Suzy and Lim Kim.
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