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Park Seo Joon is still single!


Park Seo Joon & Baek Jin Hee deny the rumor about their romantic relationship

Actor Park Seo Jun denied the rumor about his romantic relationship with Baek Jin Hee.

On July 22nd, a representative of Park Seo Jun's management agency said, "According to our confirmation with Park Seo Jun, he is not in a romantic relationship with Baek Jin Hee."

The representative also said, "It is true that they became close friends while working together. However, they are only close friends, not lovers."

A representative of Baek Jin Hee's agency also said, "It is true that they are close friends, but they are not in a romantic relationship."

Meanwhile, a magazine reported that Park Seo Jun and Baek Jin Hee are in a relationship earlier in the day.

source: starnnews
Tags: actor/actress, rumour
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