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4Minute’s Hyuna Sheds Tears While Talking About Her Family

4Minute’s Hyuna cried while talking about her family.

During July 21’s broadcast of SBS MTV’s Freemonth, Hyuna expressed her love for her family.

After decorating her love house, Hyuna said, “I really miss my mom and dad. My younger brothers probably think they don’t have a sister.”

She said, “My brother plays soccer so I want him to eat a lot of food but he doesn’t spend money easily. He looks at a pair of soccer shoes he wants to buy over and over again. I feel upset when I see that,” and shed tears.

The 4Minute member also said, “My mom probably can’t even spend 10,000 won easily but I’m enjoying all these things in my life. I want to live and work hard so that I can enjoy all the good things and food with my family.”

Meanwhile, Hyuna will be releasing her mini album A Talk on July 28.
source: mwave
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