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Park Han Byul’s Interview (ISplus)

KP’s note: Park Han Byul’s Se7en-related excerpts are part of the “drinking interview” series by ISplus where a journalist interviews the celebrity over a dinner and alcoholic drinks. This one in particular took place at a pork restaurant on June 21 and was published five days later. I usually don’t go back to post photos or articles that over a month old, but I thought that this one’s interesting because it was published just after Se7en went public about being in a seven-year relationship with Park Han Byul. Her answers give some insight into their long denied relationship, and since I never wrote a couple alert for them (because really – who needed to be alerted?), I thought that this might be nice.

ISplus (IS): How did you feel that day [that Se7en (Choi Dong Wook) acknowledged your long-term relationship on his minihompy]?
Park Han Byul (PHB):
It was chaotic. I knew that my boyfriend was going to post a mesage, but I didn’t know when he would. It was on the day I returned [to Korea] from a photo shoot in the Philippines so as soon as I turned on my cell, congratulatory text messages flooded in.

IS: You must have been happy.
Of course. Because it was the day I was acknowledged as one man’s woman. But one night of sleep, my worries were tremendous. What if my boyfriend would get victimized because of me, he’ll get spoken ill of even more if he can no longer act….

IS: What do your parents say about Se7en?
They say to date well and not fight. We were once at the same management agency so both of our parents know each other well. Recently I’m in the middle of correcting myself to call Dong Wook’s mom ‘Mother’ rather than ‘Ajumma’, but it’s harder than I thought.

IS: What do the two of you call each other?
We expected this question and decided to fib and say ‘Jagi’ and ‘Baby’, but actually we just call each other with ‘ya’.

IS: Have you been to an amusement park [together]?
We went to Lotte World just once. It happened to be during the Mask Festival so we thought that it worked outwell, but nobody else wore masks except us. I just covered my face with a white mask but Dong Wook wore his mask until the end. But to be honest, we’re not recognized much even if we walk around [normally]. (Laughs.)

IS: What do you do for occasions such as birthdays?
My boyfriend’s and my birthdays are just one week apart so we have a joint birthday party. We eat with the YG Family and have a drink in a rented karaoke bar. There are no surprise events/gifts. We just ask each other, “What do you want to have?”, and buy what the other person asks for. It’s usually a bag or clothes but [Se7en[ doesn’t know luxury goods very well.

IS: How is that possible?
He knows brand names but he doesn’t have a special liking for luxury goods. In seven years, he’s only given me a luxury bag about twice? Our food preferences are similar too, so we go to restaurants that sell seolleongtang (ox bone soup) or rice served in soup often. We have the taste preference of an ajusshi.

IS: What’s the first movie you saw together?
My Sassy Girl. But I was so happy that I couldn’t focus on the movie. After that, we’ve never gone to watch a film together just the two of us. We always went buried in the midst of friends. We went often to old theatres with few people rather than crowded theatres. It’s good because we don’t need to wait. I’ve seen My Sassy Girl five times.

IS: How do you spend Christmas?
At the end of every year there’s a YG concert scheduled so we’ve never been able to have a sweet date just the two of us at year-end.

IS: What do you like best about your boyfriend?
He’s pure and truly good (kind). If I say this to friends, they raise their voices and say, “Hey, there’s no such thing. All men are the same,” but Dong Wook is different. He fits into the top 1% of good guys in Korea.

Source: ISplus
Via: KPCulture

THIS IS SO CUTE OMGGGG. Top 1% of the good guys in Korea goddamn.
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