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VIXX being sweeties by writing letters for Starlights at Live Fantasia Hex Sign

As a special part of the concert, each day two members read their letter in front of the attending Starlights. The first day(18/07) Leo and Ken, the second day(19/07) Ravi and Hyuk and the the last day(20/07) Hongbin and N.

It's been awhile since I've held a pen. I was worried of what to write as a letter for our fans. I became a singer so I can sing with my heart and make people happy. But after debuting, I learned that Jung Taekwoon is a person who is small, lacks a lot, and is full of mistakes. I hear (receive) a lot of undeserving love from fans where I don't even equalize (giving back the received love). I promised myself that I would not become a singer that will not embarrass my fans. Therefore, I increased my practicing and singing time. I cannot show my emotions easily so I am trying to make an effort to repay the love I am given. We were given 1st place because of everyone which I believe we didn't deserve. I have a lot I want to return. I will work hard so you are not embarrassed to love VIXX. I will never forget this love. Thank you for making us shine.

I was nervous about writing a letter for VIXX's first solo concert. This is my first time writing a lengthy letter so I have so much to say that I wrote everything down and isn't very organized. I am always thankful and regretful that I can't see you guys often. Although the words "thank you" lacks meaning, thank you so much. I will show a cool and handsome side as much as you guys love and cheer for us so please watch out for us. Please remember this time as a happy time. VIXX exists because of Starlights, VIXX can shine (because of Starlights). Starlights, who I will always love, let's continue to have a happy mind/heart. Although it's cliche, I will give this to you in a special and unique way. I love you. (Ken became emotional and couldn't read his letter properly) I didn't even cry when we won 1st place (laughs)

Hello Starlights. I’m not sure what to start with as I suddenly have been asked to write a letter. I am worried if my thoughts will be said correctly.

It’s very nerve-wrecking to write a letter for someone but now that I know it’s for all of you, I am more anxious, nervous, and worried.

2 years ago, from May 24th to today’s first solo concert, I believe that I have developed a lot by experiencing a lot of events and learning from them. It is because of Starlights’ love and attention that I was able to start with the members without possessing anything and experiencing many performances and opportunities. I also believe that we were able to win 1st place against prominent sunbaes and other artists, gain confidence, and relieve our shoulders (from harships) because of you again, although we still lack a lot.

For the past 2 years, I have learned about being thankful. Initially, I was a fool that I didn’t know about thankfulness. From now on, I will become more knowledgeable about being thankful and being able to love. Truthfully, I am the kind of person who likes to express with honesty but in front of your poisonous existence, I become very shy and cannot express myself very well. That is why I have many moments where I regret not expressing my thoughts well. But today, I really want to say “I love you” to everyone.

I love you.

Although there is a long ways to go, we will become a VIXX with good music and a cool appearance that you can be proud of.
I always say this but I want our fans to be proud of being a fan (of us).
I put in a lot of thoughts in a small letter but I don’t know if you received them well.

Starlights, who I am always thankful of and sorry, I love you.

♫♪ Bbam bbabam bbabam, bbam bbabam bbabam ♫♪ Hello everyone.
I thought the letters were anonymously read but here I am reading it. I am VIXX’s maknae, Hyuk.

It’s been already over 2 years since I’ve met Starlights. During the 2 years, I have had many exceptional events that always had a meaning to me.
There were so many valuable events over the 2 years that you can experience only once such as being 18 years old and in the 2nd year of high school, graduating school, and turning 20 years old and celebrating the day of coming of age.

I was able to debut with a short time of preparation and lack of appearance. There were many times where I was disappointed in myself for being very greedy and am always sorry for the fans who support me. I am usually the kind who cannot really express what I feel so I cannot express all my thoughts to the fans. But whenever I see it from my point of view, you worry and take care of me like a friend or even sometimes like family so thank you. Most importantly, thank you for believing in me and supporting me.

I haven’t said this directly but today, I want to say that Starlights’ existence is very precious.

You may not know this but when I read your letters or some kind of message book, I become envious when reading about family, friends, and sometimes when fans want me to become jealous, relationships. There are also fans who write personal thoughts and because of you, I become envious and sometimes when I’m in the mood, I keep reading them. You feel surprisingly closer to a person when you read a letter.

Therefore, what I’m trying to say is that you are somewhere very close to me. I know very well myself that I have a long way ahead of us and lack a lot. In the future, I will become a singer Hyuk who will repay Starlights with good songs and performances through my hardworking and developed appearance.

Lastly, thank you very very much.
I love you.

Hello Starlights. VIXX's first solo concert has arrived like this. Before debut and after it, of course, I've watched many concerts of senior artists and really wanted to have a cool concert with our music and our fans who like our music. Also, 2 years have slipped away and we are having a concert with our Starlights who we are proud of. Therefore, this moment makes me so happy. I know very well that we were able to stand on this cool stage with our cool appearances because of your support and love. My thoughts are that you guys were able to make this concert happen. I repetitively say that we will repay back the love you give to us by our performances but I'm not sure if you received our hearts well today. Although I am always thankful, I am giving you another "thank you" again. We have a lot more to show you until the concert ends so I hope everyone has more fun and happily enjoy it. My last words are, thank you for staying with VIXX all the time. Stay with us forever!

[N (prepare your tissues for this one ;; )]
I still remember the first time you came into the practice room, you didn’t know what to do with yourself. You held out your hand for a handshake and smiled awkwardly. Taekwoon-ah, thank you for being my friend who is similar to me in different aspects.

Our Jaehwanie who bragged about his older hyung that he looked like actor Ha Jungwoo sunbae and his younger hyung that he looked like actor Wonbin sunbae. You are full of curiosity and so playful but you have a reversal to your personality. I was surprised with your singing and how you, someone who has never danced before, learned a dance in a couple of weeks. I thought a lot about working harder as a hyung. Our cute dongsaeng (younger one/brother), Jaehwan-ah, this is a secret but I think you look handsomer than your older and younger hyungs.

Wonsik-ah, I can never forget the first time I met you when I felt (took impression of) your aura and eyes. You have really cool dance skills and rap skills. You also have a very lovable and warm heart that no one has. You are my dongsaeng (younger one/brother) who has been a big strength deep inside of me. Thank you. I need you so I have my strength.

You have taught me that people teach others that they shine. How is your name Lee Hongbin also? A handsome appearance and strong confidence. You are the best of the best “cold city man” I have ever met. We were practicing for over a month to prepare for our showcase when you suddenly wanted to quit, running out of the practice room and wandering around for a while. Although you were the one whose inside was decaying and burning, thank you for always knowing hyung’s mind. My dongsaeng (younger one/brother) Hongbin-ah, hyung is so so happy that we were able to do this together. Out of all of us, you are the one who has worked the hardest and coolly made your dream come true. I am so proud of your confident appearance. Thank you so much.

Our maknae who is unfamiliar with everything, I still remember that side of you so clearly. Our Hyukkie reminds me of myself when I first started my practice. When you were experiencing a rough time and had the possibility of not being able to debut with us, we couldn’t have seen that performance with Ravi today, right? Don’t you think that VIXX couldn’t have received this much love? Our maknae Hyukkie, you have a limitless amount of potential.

As we have met each other with different appearances, we passed by so many (kinds of) relationships (with each other). Nobody could have predicted this miracle of VIXX comprising of us 6 people. Whenever we want to give up or occasionally want to let everything go, we encourage each other and have loving members, therefore we are able to endure it.

Taekwoon-ah, Jaehwan-ah, Hongbin-ah, Wonsik-ah, Sanghyuk-ah. Thank you and thank you so much for following me and being with me to become the VIXX that we are today, standing in front of so many Starlights who are looking only at us at our solo concert. Also, my mom and dad who I love as much as I love Starlights, I love you a lot and thank you.

Lastly, my Starlights who can understand me by just looking into my eyes and vice versa and who are always on my side, thank you so much and I love you.
My Starlights.
I love you!

[Extra article about Fan-babo VIXX :)]
Fan-babo VIXX, tears up at first concert "Thank you for letting us shine"

Idol group VIXX shed tears while reading their written letters to fans.

In the afternoon of the 18th, VIXX held their first solo concert ‘VIXX LIVE FANTASIA-HEX SIGN’ at the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park. During the stage of LOVE LETTER, VIXX read letters of words they always wanted to tell the fans.

First was Leo “I want to be a singer who warm the hearts of people. But after debuting I know that it is not easy. I was small and lacking in many areas. After which it seemed to occur that the only ones who believe and support me without any consideration was my family. Thank you for letting me sing, I am grateful to be a singer. I will be a singer that you will not be ashamed of.”

"I thought that I should work harder on stages for the people that support me. However, I believe that we are still lacking and do not deserve to receive the gift of being placed 1st. As compared to the amount of sweat we received a lot of awards, I would want to give back the same amount. Therefore it would be good if VIXX would be together for a long time. VIXX in the future will work even harder to be singers that everyone is proud of. I will not forget the love that everyone gave us. VIXX will shine even brighter in the future. Thank you for letting us shine."

Next was Ken “I was always grateful for Starlights but we were always unable to meet often. Wherever we go we would always hear the loud cheers behind until we leave. Thank you Starlights. I’ll be watching over the love and support that you gave us coolly. It would be great if everyone can remember today. Please remember this happy time. I know that because of Starlights, VIXX can shine.”

At this point, Ken became emotional and could not say his words properly. Fans who were also sheding tears cheered for Ken.

Meanwhile VIXX will hold their concert on the 19th and 20th. They are confirmed to head to Japan for the start of their world tour.

cr.: letters: translated by Erica 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.
article: original by Naver, translated by baconbangtan
(picture below @RealVIXX)

Aren't they the sweetest... XD
I love you too VIXX. *imagines hugging them all*

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