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Baro Tears Up While Talking About B1A4 Members on ‘Happy Together’

B1A4’s Baro shed tears as he expressed his gratitude towards the members.

During July 24’s broadcast of KBS 2TV’s Happy Together, B1A4’s Baro shared, “It was my high school graduation day. My parents were in Gwangju and I was the only one living in Seoul. It was a school that I had transferred to while I was a trainee so I didn’t have many friends either. I was just quietly saying goodbye to my friends at school.”

Baro continued to reminisce, “Then I saw Jin Young hyung and CNU in the corridor outside the classroom. They were holding a bouquet of flowers. I felt like my family had come,” as he showed tears.

Baro expressed his gratitude to the B1A4 members, touching the heart of the others on the show.

Baro's letter to Jinyoung: "Thank you for standing by my side for the past six years, no matter if it's difficult or happy. It's wonderful to have you"

Jinyoung's letter to Baro: "To me your existence is like vitamin, let's be like this forever."

[t/n: neither are full letters, but are what the broadcast showed today on parts of what they've read out]

source: mwave + KBSEntertain + B1A4_UK

I hope they can guest as a group one day ;_;
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