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Infinite’s Hoya Didn’t Talk to His Father for Eight Years


Infinite’s Hoya brought up his relationship with his father on broadcast.

While recording MBC’s Quiz to Change the World, Hoya revealed, “I stopped talking to my father after I dropped out of high school without telling my parents.”

Hoya, who was originally studying to enter a police academy, began dreaming of become a singer when he was in middle school and decided to leave school.

Hoya said, “I wasn′t on good terms with my father but after I dropped out, the relationship got worse. I didn’t contact him for 8 years.”

Hoya also said, “I thought my family was rich when I was young because my parents would buy me anything I wanted but I realized later that they were actually struggling from a lot of debt, to the point where red sequestration notes were tagged on things in the house. After I started making money, I paid off all the debt for my parents.”


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