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Yoo Ah In is Injured on the Set of ′Sado′


Yoo Ah In said he′s doing okay, following reports of an injury.

On July 25, reports stated that Yoo Ah In had been rushed to the hospital after being injured while shooting the movie Sado.

A rep from Yoo Ah In′s agency UAA told Newsen, "Yoo Ah In was injured slightly durnig a shoot for Sado on July 24. It wasn′t that serious of an injury. He just got a bruise on his forehead."

According to an official, Yoo Ah In had been acting as the role of Crown Prince Sado.

He was required to bump his head on the ground, but because he was so immersed in his role, he bumped his head not on the fake rock that had been prepared for him but real rock.

He received emergency treatment for a bruise and continued shooting.

Sado is about the famous tragedy between Crown Prince Sado and his father King Yeongjo of Joseon. Yeongjo had his own son and Crown Prince Sado starve to death in a rice chest.

It is set to premiere in 2015.
source: mwave
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