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HyunA talks about her comeback!

HyunA (22) met up with reporters at the Cube Cafe in Cheongdamdong, Seoul and opened up about her solo comeback with “Red” one year and nine months since her “Melting” album.

Q: What do you want to get across through this album?
A: I want to become a brand. I hope that when you think of HyunA, you think of the word, “hot.” Red is a passionate and strong [color]. To that extent, I want to show a passionate image.

Q: Your title track “Red” feels like a sexy concept.
A: The color red is meaningful to me. It”s a color that I liked since my debut, and every time that I won #1 on music shows, I was wearing the color red. I get into a good mood when I look at the color red… I think this song was made for me.

Q: When do you think you are the most sexy?
A: I think this these days [laughs]. My makeup and styling gives off a sexy yet healthy vibe, and I exercised a lot as well. I thought that I looked good when I wore my stage outfit and had my full makeup on during the filming for my [album] jacket [laughs]. I normally have a young image, so I will show a bit more mature image this time.

Q: How has the level of revealing outfits changed since your previous comeback?
A: Because people have the anticipation that I will show something strong, I do wear revealing outfits. I am the type to be very revealing, and if I”m able to show a daring look, I think it”s appropriate to prepare for it. In the past, I felt burdened by it. I didn”t know how to pull off my outfits. This time, I exercised and prepared a lot.

Q: You will be making your comeback at the same time as Wonder Girls” Yenny.
A: I heard that a long time ago. Yenny unni also listened to my song a while back, and we both liked each other”s songs [laughs]. It feels like we”re the exact opposite. Because it”s a song that I cannot do, I liked Yenny unni”s music and [Yenny] unni also told me, “If it comes out during summer, people will like it. It”s refreshing.” I think it will be fun to promote together [laughs].

Q: Should people anticipate a performance with B2ST“s Yoseob?
A: It would be nice if we perform on stage together, but there are no plans for that right now. B2ST have ended their [comeback] promotions. I wondered what it would be like to collaborate with Yoseob oppa, so I requested it. [Yoseob] has a lot of other performances, so I don”t think we will be able to perform together.

Q: If you were to choose a sexy singer as your rival.
A: I pay attention to all of them [laughs]. I meticulously monitor those that come on TV these days. Because I”m promoting as a solo artist, I tend to look at female solo artists a lot. I look at the female artists” diet photos that come up a lot, and I get motivated to work out harder.

HyunA will make her comeback with title track “Red” off her third mini-album “A Talk” on the 28th!

source: ohkpop

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