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Chunji For Ceci August + Café-In Musical Curtain Call~

Ahead of his first performance for musical <Café-In>, we met up with Teen Top’s Chunji who transformed into a Sommelier, dreaming of a love that’s much sweeter than wine

Addressing the subtle love psychology between a lady who brews coffee and a man who pours wine, the musical <Café-In> is a 2-man musical where only the actor and actress will be leading the show for 100 minutes.  Since its first run in 2008, it has received much love not only in Korea, but in Japan as well. Although the whole show is only led by two people, it is filled with lots of fun happenings and the quick pace spares no room for boredom at all. Sejiin is the leading lady; she’s the café manager and a barrister. Every morning, she will write her definitions of love on the blackboard in the café. Then one day, the café starts a new management system. After 6PM each day, a sommelier, Jimin, whom is the male lead, would step in as the café manager. When Jimin goes to work in the cafe, he erases the definitions of love on the blackboard and writes his own definitions, creating tension between the two. Jimin pretends to be a customer and appears as Jungmin, in order to find out more about Sejin. A love story begins and it becomes the main attraction.
Teen Top’s Chunji shared with us his excitement ahead of his first musical where he will be appearing as ‘Kang Jimin’ the love expert who’s extremely confident at balancing both love and work. The musical <Café-In> will run till 7 September at Samsung-dong KT&G SangSang Art Hall.

Qn: It’s your first musical. How do you feel.

Chunji: It’s an area which I’ve always wanted to try so I’m learning about it happily. I think I will want to continue doing this as well

Qn: We heard it’s a 2-man musical. The burden on you must be twice as much.

Chunji: People around me were worried; they asked if I would be okay with a 2-man musical as it’s my first attempt at musicals. I felt lost indeed after seeing the first script. There were so many lines, songs and choreography I had to memorise. Even though Teen Top’s in the midst of a world tour right now and it overlaps with our comeback preparation as well, I’ll give it my best.

Qn: Have the Teen Top members helped you with practice?

Chunji: The members would once in a while help me by acting in the opposite role but now they haven’t been doing it. I think they must have been tired of doing it. (laughs)

Qn: How do you feel about being apart from the members on stage?

Chunji: When I’m with the members, we would distress as we joke around before going up on stage. But now that I’m alone, I become more nervous. Originally even for Teen Top performances, it would take me a verse before I become less nervous. Now that I’m all alone, I’m twice as nervous as before.

Qn: Chunji, what do you think is the reason you were casted as Kang Jimin?

Chunji: Because in Teen Top, I seem like the person who knows the ladies’ hearts the best? (laughs) Maybe it’s because of my image. Kang Jimin has the image of a love expert and playboy. He likes to joke around too. The more I practise, I feel I can express love more naturally so I’m very happy.

Qn: On the other hand, what was most difficult for you as you practised?

Chunji: Kang Jimin is a 28 year old man. My voice is generally sweeter so it is most difficult when I have to change it to a manly tone. To top it off, I have to act as the director, Jungmin, Jimin and as a girl etc; 7 characters in one, all by myself which is why even the tone of my voice has to keep changing. They told me to use my original way of voice projection when I sing which is comfortable for me but speaking the lines is still difficult for me. So if I pull off the 2-man musical well this time round, it’ll definitely be of use to me next time in the future, won’t it?

Qn: What do you want us to look forward to when you portray Kang Jimin?

Chunji: Although Kang Jimin is 28 years old, Chunji’s 22, so I think I’ll probably be more cheerful and refreshing? I’ve seen the other seniors’ musicals; but since I’ve the mission of portraying it in my own way, I’ve been using them as a guide.

Qn: What will you say is the similarity between Chunji and Kang Jimin?

Chunji: They’re playful and the way they date seems to be similar too. I’m the type that will joke around a lot and slowly approach the girl.

Qn: How’s the chemistry between you and the leading lady?

Chunji: I realised that the most important part about acting in musicals is how well you work with your counterpart. She’s a senior who is older than me and has lots of experience in musical so she has been giving many advices and leading me well.

Qn: Has any fellow idols with musical experience given you any advice?

Chunji: The Grace’s Sunday and f(x) Luna told me to work hard and has been cheering for me.

Qn: What’s the one scene in the musical that you feel most attached to?

Chunji: There is a dance scene alluding a woman through a wine glass. It was most fun and enjoyable while acting out that scene. And the last scene is a little cringe-worthy; I think the fans would find it hard to watch. (laughs) But still, it’s a lovely scene so I hope you’ll think of it well

Qn: Do you study a lot about wine?

Chunji: To be honest I like soju and beer more (laughs) But through this opportunity, I’ve got to know a little more about wine.

Qn: Please point out the main draw of the musical.

Chunji: For people who think that love is all a lie, they’ll feel like getting back in love again. And there’re stories told in the songs in the musical so please do listen to it too.

Qn: What’s the goal you hope to achieve with this musical?

Chunji: Hearing “it was good” would be sufficient for me. I’ve nothing to wish for besides that. I hope that there’ll be other opportunities for me after <Café-In>; I can only work hard right now

Qn: If there are other opportunities, what character do you want to try?

Chunji: I want to be the son of a rich family. (laughs) I think I can act shamelessly and do it well.

Qn: You said that Teen Top’s in the midst of a world tour, are you not tired with the endless schedule?

Chunji: We’ve been to Japan, America, Europe and China and we’ve the Latin America tour ahead of us. We had a short break after our concert in LA and it was really healing for the soul. So it’s all good.

Qn: Teen Top hasn’t made a comeback in a really long while; won’t the Korean fans be sad about it?

Chunji: We started our world tour in Korea and we’re doing a variety show on Mnet as well. I don’t think they’ll be sad. In order to put up the coolest comeback, we’ve been preparing really hard so please wait just a while longer. We’ll be back real soon!


(there's no subs but other than the practice , he's just telling you to come and watch his musical :P)

Curtain Call

Helium Gas yo!

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Qn: If there are other opportunities, what character do you want to try?
Chunji: I want to be the son of a rich family. (laughs) I think I can act shamelessly and do it well.

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