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HyunA wants to be a brand. Netizens react.

Article: "Red is Hyuna" will the Hyuna brand work?

"I want Hyuna to become a brand. I've always liked red lipsticks and the color red itself so I wear red lipstick and manicures. I want that feeling to become a brand that represents Hyuna. (The song is also experimental in that) my name is included in the lyrics so I was worried about not a lot of people relating to it but the lyrics actually stick to you. I put my desire of becoming (as hot) into the song."

1. [+2,541, -79] She has a hot body and she's pretty but her song is so bad

2. [+1,906, -57] I don't know what she means by Hyuna being red??

3. [+1,614, -71] The song is honestly bad

4. [+1,225, -107] Not sure about the song but her dance and body are jjang

5. [+351, -25] How can she not feel embarrassed singing those lyrics.. I get that we've moved forward but did she really call herself tasty;;;

6. [+298, -13] The lyricist for this song is insane ㅋㅋ I'm pretty sure Hyuna knew exactly what the lyrics meant calling herself tasty, how does she not feel embarrassed as a woman? Well, I feel bad for her because it's not like she can reject it. I don't get how this song passed regulations.

7. [+268, -6] Whoever wrote the lyrics for this is pathetic

8. [+246, -7] The lyrics are a load of bull. Who's the name of the lyricist? ㅋㅋㅋ


Article: "Why Hyuna if it's red?" Hyuna's red logic

1. [+5,125, -74] Whoever wrote the lyrics needs to reveal themselves

2. [+3,378, -394] Reminds me of ero stars from the 70s

3. [+3,339, -445] Am I the only one getting Lee Hyori's Miss Korea and Bad Girl vibes?

4. [+2,906, -112] You might think Hyuna is yeah~ has no meaning;;; but I bet the lyricist has a meaning for it

5. [+2,439, -164] I wonder if her parents ever listen to her songs?

6. [+665, -35] The song is so low quality..

7. [+663, -40] The song and the lyrics are weird

8. [+635, -42] Failure of a song.. I wanted someting like Ice Cream, something bright

Sources: Netizen Buzz (OSEN via Naver, Dispatch via Naver)

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