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HyunA reveals she DID NOT lose weight for her comeback with "RED"!

4minute member HyunA, who just made her solo comeback with the strong and sexy “Red,” revealed that her preparation period did not include a strict diet this time around.

On the July 17 episode of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Relay,” the singer talked about her new song and concept backstage at the set of her new music video.

Known for her lean and fit body, HyunA was asked to share her tips for achieving the perfect figure. She replied, “Actually, I did not lose a lot of weight for this comeback. I thought an extremely slim body does not fit the song, so I decided to work out instead.”

Surprised by the answer, the reporter commented, “But your arms are as thin as pencils,” to which HyunA wittily responded, “If pencils are this thick, then how do you grab them and write?” and filled the studio with laughter.

HyunA had her comeback performances on the various music shows this past weekend. Check out her latest live stage from Inkigayo last night.

source: soompi

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