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Kim So Eun Wants a Boyfriend But Can’t Find Time to Date


Entering her mid-20’s, Kim So Eun confessed that she wants a boyfriend.

In an interview with Newsen before the release of her movie The Girl’s Grave, Kim So Eun revealed her easygoing personality that contrasted with her elegant, lady-like image.

After debuting in middle school, Kim So Eun acted out mainly cute or student roles, but the actress said, “Of course I want to show a smart or sexy side of me as an actress. I try to show different concepts when I do photoshoots. But if I changed my image in a project all of a sudden, people might not take it so well. It is my priority to do acting that I can do well and suits me for now.”

Born in 1989, Kim So Eun is 26 years old this year.

She said, “I’m really easy going. I had just as many guy friends as girl friends when I was a student. My actual personality is a bit different than what people expect from my looks. Even when I go on variety shows, I want to act according to my personality but the agency gets worried saying that I’m too honest. (laughter) They tell me to take it down a bit.”

She continued, “I want to have a boyfriend too but have no opportunity. I just go from my home to the filming site that I don’t have time. I met up with my friends when I was in school but I can’t do that now since I’m taking a break. It’s sad that I cannot just walk around comfortably. I’m always interested in dating but I just don’t have the chance.”


When asked what she would do if a picture is taken of her and her boyfriend, Kim So Eun said, “I would have to coolly admit it,” and smiled.

Kim So Eun filmed her first horror movie through The Girl’s Grave. She acted as a ghost who lost her memory, acting opposite Kang Ha Neul. The filming took place in the cold months of January and February in Gangwon province.

“I had to film dressed only in a school uniform on the coldest day. Putting on ghost make up was not easy either. They used special paint that you melt with alcohol for make up. I had to use alcohol to remove make up too. So I had rashes on my face as well as on my neck and hands. My skin eventually hardened and I got cracks. But makeup itself was really cool. I asked the staff unnie to put on some more. (laughter) I wondered how I would look on screen but fortunately, I didn’t look as horrific as I imagined,” she explained.


About Kang Ha Neul who is in the same year as her in Chung-Ang University, Kim So Eun said, “I always thought he was a naïve freshman at college but he was like an oppa at the filming site. I had nothing to hide or feel comfortable about when I was acting with Ha Neul. As an actor, Kang Ha Neul works hard. He says that he is ordinary but he has such great energy.”

Having debuted in 2005, it has been almost ten years since she started acting. She was happy for the past ten years, since it was her own choice to become an actress. If she dreamed of becoming a star, she might’ve given up a long time ago.

“I can’t believe that it’s been ten years. I decided not to rush and take small steps forward in acting. I thought, ‘I want to become an actress,’ rather than ‘I was to become a super star.’ I will continue to act. I think I may greet you through a drama during later half of this year.”
source: mwave
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