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GOT7 10+ Star Interview!

scans previously posted here if you missed them!

It’s a minor thing but the first question is something I’ve been curious about. When you introduce the team, you say “Come and get it, GOT7”. How was this decided?
Yugyeom We wondered together, ‘What should we do? What do we do?’ before coming up with it.
Jr. There were a lot of ideas and this one just happened to be the one we chose.
Youngjae What was it at the very beginning?
BamBam ‘Get ready, GOT7’. But then it was similar to YG WIN Team B’s so we changed ours.
Yugyeom We were asking the foreigner hyungs (Mark, Jackson) what stuff meant and they happened to say ‘Come and get it’.
Jr. It was kind of like, I don’t know, let’s just use this one. (Laughs)

What charms do you want people to come and get from GOT7?
Youngjae The seven of us each have our own personal charms…
Jr. (Looking at Youngjae) And what is your charm?
Youngjae My charm is… my awkwardness? (Laughs)

During the promotions for ‘A’, what is something you have repeated heard? It seems like you would’ve heard that you’ve gained a lot of popularity.
Jr. People have said that we’ve gained popularity, and also have asked us about our new song. This time, we came back with a youthful song which is different from our first album. We first came out as a hip hop group, but because we came out with a different color of hip hop, people asked us lots of questions about that.

Then was there anything that you heard that you liked or made you proud?
Yugyeom You’ve gotten more talented, your performance skills have improved, things like that.
Youngjae You’ve lost weight, your expression is less awkward. Haha. (Q: You’ve really lost weight. Are you still not eating dinner these days?) I’m always conscious about my weight so I haven’t been eating dinner.
Jr. What about you BamBam?
BamBam You’ve gotten manlier?
Youngjae You’ve gotten taller?
BamBam I don’t know about height…
Jr. Yugyeom is the tallest in our team but he’s still growing. Sometimes I get mad. (Laughs)
All (Laughs)
Yugyeom I grew from 179cm to 182cm.
Youngjae I grew too! From 175cm to 177cm! Heheh

While the younger members were speaking the smile on Jr’s face has been disappearing.
Jr. (Playfully) I won’t say why.
Yugyeom Jinyoung hyung has a good body ratio so it’s okay.
Jr. We’ll work hard! This has been GOT7! (Laughs)

We haven’t been talking for very long but it seems that the members aren’t much different than they are in broadcasts. Right now you are all starring in SBS MTV ‘I GOT7’, are your real personalities 100% in sync with your personalities on the show?
Jr. It’s the same. Although it’s a bit embarrassing to say it myself, (Laughs) our team’s biggest charm is our honesty. There may be people who feel from time to time that we don’t have manners, but that’s not what we’re aiming for. We want to show the real us without any filters, so we’d like people to not view us badly.

Because it feels like a good time to bring it up, the ‘A’ teasers…
Youngjae Oh my god.
BamBam Please don’t watch stuff like that… (Laughs)

Each member had their own teaser. Because the videos were with a virtual girlfriend, the members say that they’re ‘crigeworthy’. Still, is there another member’s version that you thought was better than your own?
Yugyeom All the members probably thought that their own was better than JB hyung’s.
Jr. I think mine was better than Mark’s.
Jackson That version was the simplest.
Jr. But Mark hyung’s “A, let’s go” was still cool. The worst part of Mark hyung’s version was JB.
Mark (Laughs)

Mark’s and Jackson’s seemed like the least cringeworthy.
Jackson Me? Thank you.
Youngjae BamBam’s wasn’t bad either.
BamBam Mine? But I didn’t even finish tying the shoelaces but the actress just left. (All (Laughs)) To be honest no one does that. If your shoelaces come untied I’d probably say “Tie them yourself”. But it was still fun. Even though filming took a while.

Were you allowed to each pick your own concept?
Youngjae: No, no, no.
BamBam If we could pick we definitely would not have picked something like that. (Laughs)
Jr. I think we were each given something that would suit us the best. So we could act convincingly like boyfriends.

Like it was evident from the teasers that GOT7 would be coming back with different colors, ‘A’ and ‘Girls Girls Girls’ have different atmospheres. What did you first thing when you heard the song?
Jr. The song was really good from the beginning. The current version has been rearranged a lot. The original version was pop. (Mark: American! American style!) In addition, the song was very bright but JYP PD’s thick voice was recorded on it so we didn’t know how we were going to save the song. I personally thing that we were brighter and cuter so the song was saved. (Mark:(Laughs)) Our PD was sticky but we were cute! Sorry, PD-nim, (Laughs).

What you just compared, it’s going to be published just like that!
Mark Ahah what do we do. (Laughs)

'A' doesn't showcase as much martial arts tricking as the debut song did. It must have been physically easier.
Jr. In this album we focused more on our acting on stage. In ‘A’ we have to make cute expressions… Like the ‘So cute’ part. There wasn’t a lot of martial arts tricking, but we still worked hard on our expressions.
Mark I wanted to rest a little this time (Laughs)

Jackson and Mark must have been tired from all of the difficult moves.
Mark That’s why we tried not to put any in the choreography at all. But my part was very short so the company told me to ‘spin once’ so I would show up on camera. (Laughs)
Jr. The song is good to listen to, but performance wise there wasn’t much to look at (Mark Yes!) so we put it in to offer more to look at. (Looks at Mark) In our 3rd album they’ll be more ‘flying’.
Mark That’s right.
Jackson In our 3rd album only Mark will be ‘flying’. I’ll rest a bit.

Just recently the ‘A’ stage changed so that it starts at a table. Is there a reason for this?
Yugyeom Our PD told us “In our company, artists change something in the choreography every two weeks”.
Jr. Let’s say that we perform a song for a month. Rather than performing the same thing over and over again, our PD must have thought that changing the choreography would hold the interest of the viewers. I heard that our new choreography was positively received.

You’re right. The table scene from the music video was eye catching so personally I liked it more.
BamBam It’s less tiring so I like it.
Jr. If the new choreography had been for our first album it would’ve been hard but we kept working together and that improved our communication with each other.
Mark And we had already done it once in the music video.

Because the music video came up, Youngjae especially looked good in it. Partly because he had more parts and was in the center, but mostly because he’s gotten more talented.
BamBam If you watch the music video Youngjae hyung is the only one in it. (Opens eyes wide) With his eyes like this!
Youngjae No~ It’s not true~~
BamBam (Making fun of him) It’s not even our song. It’s Youngjae hyung’s song. (Laughs)
Youngjae Don’t say that~ don’t say that~ don’t say it like that~~~ (Mark laughing in the background)

Right around the time of debut when your dorm was revealed through a live broadcast, Youngjae said at the end “Right now people call me the ‘rookie-like Youngjae’ but I’ll show a cooler appearance in the next album”. It seems like you did what you said you would.
Youngae Haha, I remember that. I was so nervous because it was a live broadcast. I worked hard up until now. But I think I’m going to have to work harder. After the first broadcast of ‘A’ I read the reactions and people said I looked too awkward and I opened my eyes too wide. (Laughs) So I changed little details and after the next broadcast, people said ‘Oh, he looks less awkward today’ and I was glad. Also I thought to myself how I should make hearts more creatively, in different directions.

You’re even concentrating on which directions to make hearts! Then is there a part that another member has that he definitely doesn’t want the audience to miss?
Jr. For me, because it’s not a solo stage, I want people to look at us as a whole. (BamBam: He’s right.) Although it’s important to look at each person for his charm, I think it’s more important that it’s a seven person stage. Of course during a solo stage it’s good to focus on one person but right now I’d like everyone to look at how we interact on stage.

Now that we’ve been talking for a while, Jr. is good at calmly speaking. He seems like the spokesperson of the team.
Jr. There are some days that the words come naturally to me, today seems like one of those days. (Laughs)

In the album, Jackson wrote the rap for ‘U Got Me’ and JB wrote the lyrics to ‘Bad Things’. Are there more members who are interested in helping create the album?
Jackson All (the members) have interest. We’re all working on it.
Youngjae I have a song that I’m almost done with. It’s kind of an R&B ballad, the subject is, what should I say, ‘the woman that comes to mind on a rainy day’? (Jackson: Ahhhh!) The title is… No I can’t say it (Laughs) I’ve walked around often on rainy days, so I thought about the sound of rain on those days while writing the song. (Q: It wasn’t written for a specific person?) My imagination is the best, haha. Music is very inspiring for me. Not necessarily that content of the song, but the background sound.
BamBam (Youngjae hyung) always writes songs on rainy days.
Youngjae I really like rainy days. Oh, there’s something else, I made a track that I haven’t yet written the melody to. I was never taught how to compose, but I get help from composer hyungs along the way. In the future I really want to produce an album.

What about the other members?
Yugyeom Jackson hyung’s songs are complete hip hop.
Jackson GOT7 is JYP’s hip hop group so I’m composing hip hop tracks.
Yugyeom (Youngjae hyung, Jackson hyung) Both are very good. Their styles are different.
Jackson My style is ‘the man who comes to mind on a snowy day’.
All (Laughs)
Youngjae The man!
Jackson Playing is playing. Hip hop is hip hop! These days when I compose, the rappers Mark, BamBam, and I do it together.
Mark I’m trying, but I’m not very good.
BamBam We’re trying hard to compose, but we’ve gotten busier so we stopped for a while. Even though we don’t get it to do it often, Jackson hyung makes the beat and the two of us write lyrics. It’s hard, Korean lyrics.

How about writing them in English first?
Youngjae I’ll translate them for you!
Jackson If we write them in English, Jr. or JB changes it to Korean.
BamBam Then… I’ll write it in Thai!
All (Laughs)

JB said ‘For GOT7 to win a rookie award this year, we’ll have to release another album’. What’ something you want to accomplish with the next album?
Jr. We’d like to release another album this year, but because the company has policies, we don’t know how it’s going to work out. For now, we’d like to release another one.
Jackson Hip hop, hip hop, strong hip hop!
Mark Something cool!
Jr. We each have our own musical tastes.

What are your personal musical styles?
Jackson I’m always hip hop. All hip hop.
BamBam I think new school hip hop is good. There’s also pop hip hop. I like that. (Jackson: Not something cute. The cute should stop here. Haha.) There should be something cute only for a couple places, hehe.
Yugyeom I like hip hop and R&B.
Youngjae I like R&B ballads. I like sad songs. The overall atmosphere is hip hop but if we wrote our own songs… This is what I want but I’d like each of the members to write a song in their own style and include it in an album.
Jr. There’s a lot of things that come to mind. In terms of a singer, Paul Williams. I like it if it’s not too bright, but simple, a beat with not a lot of sauce that has our voices honestly recorded on it. I’d like for us to practice a little more and come out with a song that has our voices on it under a simplistic beat, a song that has feeling. Or something like Justin Timberlake’s 2006 album, ‘FutureSex/LoveSounds’ that is still good after a couple years. It’s been 8 years since that album was released but I still like that album more than anything in the world. (Q: Do you still listen to it these days?) I like that artist the best so I always listen to it. I think it would be nice to plan and produce an album like that.
Mark I like hip hop, but hip hop that’s slightly R&B, slower, with feeling. I like Drake.
JB I like PBR&B, R&B with a little bit of an electronic sound. I’d like to make a song like that our title song. If that was our title song the other songs could be medium tempo R&B or folk. I also like R&B Soul and artists like James Morrison and Damien Rice so I’d like to make songs similar to theirs.

Even though your musical tastes differ, there still seems to be a connection between the members. It may be helped by the fact that the members all share a dorm and gain strength from each other. Either way, on TV it was shown that Yugyeom and BamBam’s room is bigger than the others.
BamBam We picked our room last. After everyone chose, only the big room was left. It was nice. There are beds only in our room!
Jr. The youngest need to sleep comfortably. The hyungs can sleep even if it’s uncomfortable.
Jackson (Looking at Jr.) You’re the most comfortable!
Jr. That’s not true. When I’m trying to sleep (Yugyeom and BamBam) always go back and forth through my room to use the bathroom so I can’t sleep. (Q: Ah, so inside Yugyeom and BamBam’s room there’s Jr’s room! Is the bathroom in that direction?) The bathroom in my room has a big bathtub.
BamBam Hyung… we definitely told you. If you used the room by yourself then we would use that bathroom and go through your room a lot. And you said it was okay…
Jr. They look really sorry when they come in. “Hyung… can I use the bathroom?”
BamBam Once I went in very quietly. But then suddenly hyung grabbed my leg. Hahaha. I was really surprised.

Hahaha, so it wasn’t so the youngest could be comfortable that they were given the big room?
Jr. We talked amongst ourselves and decided to give the youngest two the big room.
Jackson, BamBam N~~o~
Jr, Youngjae We really thought of it that way!
Mark (Playful baby voice) If the youngest two have the comfortable room and we’re comfortable in the car… hahaha.
Jr. We wanted to give something to the youngest two!
Mark No that’s not it hahaha.
JB Truthfully the hyungs can’t beat the younger members. They’re too strong. (Laughs)

Mark and Jackson, Jaebum and Youngjae, Yugyeom and BamBam share a room and Jr. rooms by himself. How were the roommates decided?
All We just chose who we wanted to room with.
Jr. Oh, there was this. At first the members said that they wanted to room with me, but then when we got to our dorm the members that said they wanted to room with me asked other members to room together. Originally Jackson and I were supposed to room together but when we got to the dorm we forgot.
Jackson Jr. and I were going to room together, but then something happened and I asked JB if he wanted to room with me. But then we got to the dorm and I ended up rooming with Mark.
All (Laughs)
Jr. We don’t have any rules, it’s all in the moment! (Laughs)

Are you satisfied with your current roommate?
All Yes!
JB But Youngjae’s and my room doesn’t have air conditioner.
Jr. I don’t have air conditioning either…
JB But if you open the door to Jr’s room then the the air conditioning from the maknae room comes in. Our room doesn’t have any. Even if we turn it on in the living room, it doesn’t reach our room. (Youngjae: It’s too far.) So these days we don’t room together.
Youngae We look for cooler places…
Yugyeom He’s like a lost lamb! (Laughs) Yesterday Jaebum hyung slept in the living room and Youngjae hyung slept in our manager hyung’s room.
Youngjae Every once in a while I sleep with Jaebum hyung.
Yugyeom When he’s lonely.
All (Laughs)
JB The two of us share a mat but it’s not too crowded. If the air conditioner just worked our room would be cooler but it doesn’t… We need to put a vent in the wall but there are structural limits so we can’t. So the two of us are living separately right now. But in the winter our room is the warmest. You don’t even need blankets at night.

So that’s Youngjae and JB’s room. (Laughs) It seems like Mark is someone who is actually playful. He doesn’t talk much, but when he does it’s extraordinary. On yesterday’s ‘I GOT7’ broadcast his yells of “It’s mine!” while catching fish left a lasting impression.
Jr. He’s very possessive. (Laughs)
Mark Hm… (Smiles)

Is Mark the only one who hasn’t received a punishment?
All He’s been punished!
Jr. He got it on the last episode of ‘I GOT7’. We all did everything so Mark would get punished… Hahaha
BamBam Are you tired of me being punished with the laundry clips? I get punished again on the next episode… ehehe.

Does the laundry clip punishment really hurt as much as it looks?
Mark It hurt less than I thought it would!
BamBam Hyung, the clips weren’t where it really hurts.
Mark They were on my lips.
Jackson We were scared that hyung would get angry so we were careful.
Youngjae For it to really hurt they need to all be on the lips.
JB Now that I think about it I’ve never gotten the laundry clip punishment.
Youngjae (Mimes pulling the elastic on the hat) You got this.
Mark 2nd episode, 2nd episode!
JB So I only got that, I didn’t get the laundry clips. But I didn’t even realize that until now. The elastic hat hurt so much… Wow…
All Hahahahaha
Jr. When we do the laundry clip punishment, no one has any compassion for the one who’s being punished.
Yugyeom (Gestures toward Mark) He’s quiet until there’s a punishment, then he’s the most excited. Because he’s so playful. (Laughs)

Has there been a time where you were mad at each other because of the punishment?
Jackson (Glares pointedly at Mark) Of course not.
Mark (Laughs)

Oh and another question for Mark! Have you seen the Mark version fancam of ‘I Like You’ from the first showcase? The triple combo of shoulder shaking, finger heart, and smile was great.
Mark I did see it. The original choreography is (Points forward with finger), but there were fans so I suddenly decided to make a heart.
Jr. It’s the feel!

Are you usually like that? Talented on stage, I mean.
Mark I try to sprinkle talent… (JB That’s something you share.) showcase talent. Ehehe.

If Mark is a surprising gag, anyone can tell that Jackson is playful. It’s so much that there are compilations of his comical appearances in broadcasts, where is he getting all of this entertainment skills?
Jr. Jackson is just funny. So very funny.
Jackson I don’t try to maintain my image during broadcasts. I’m trying to that a little these days, but we have a cute concept so I just act naturally…
Yugyeom He’s opposite. (Laughs) When we have a cute concept he pretends to be cool.
Jackson Because I’m not that good looking, I don’t think it’s really necessary for me to try to maintain my image.

Jackson isn’t handsome?
Yugyeom He is!
Jr. He has high standards.

But when he’s serious, he’s very serious. The fact that he considers ‘852’ (Hong Kong country code) to be precious is impressive.
Jackson It is precious.
Yugyeom I think he’s cool. He has a lot of pride in his country. Then I need to be ‘031’ (Yugyeom with the Kyunggi-do area code and whose family currently resides in Namyangju)?
Jackson No, ‘82’ (South Korea country code)!
Jr. I’m ‘055’ (Jr. with the Kyungnam area code and from Jinhae)!
Youngjae I’m ‘061’ (Youngjae with the Jeonnam area code and from Mokpo)! (Q: Then we’ll have to go into Hong Kong area codes?) Oh, then we’re all ‘82’!
All (Laughs)

Jackson’s pride in Hong Kong is unlike any other.
Jackson I’m very proud. I’m proud. Because it’s my home country… I like it. (Right as he finishes speaking his necklace falls off)
Jr. This is right here is gag helped by nature!
All (Laughs)

BamBam is from a different country too. Even though he’s from Thailand his Korean seems as good as a native speaker’s.
BamBam (In a cute voice) I’m not that good.

Even the aegyo is overwhelming. On GOT7’s official twitter you replied “I’m already in jail” to “I’m filing a complaint about Bam oppa. Because he stole my heart” and “I like you” to “Rice cake vs. bread which one do you like”.
BamBam Ahahahahaha.
Yugyeom BamBam is the king of fan service!
BamBam I also said that I was already in the fan’s house, waiting under the sofa, hehehe.
Yugyeom That’s why he has the nickname BamTalker (BamBam + Stalker).
BamBam I also get called BamStalker. Ehehe. In my teaser, there’s a scene where I tie shoelaces. When fans say ‘BamBam oppa tie my shoelaces please’ because of that, I reply ‘Turn around, I’m right behind you’. (Laughs) If they say ‘BamBam oppa buy me food’ then I say ‘Open your door, I’m right outside your house’. It’s usually scary to hear something like that but the fans like it so I just naturally say it.
Jr. It’s a relief that BamBam is on our team. Because the rest of us tend to avoid stuff like that…

Who’s the hyung who treats BamBam the best?
BamBam Ah, can I say this secretly? (Takes the recording device and says in a very small voice) Jack.Son.Hyung. Ehehe.

Along with BamBam, Yugyeom is part of the 1997 maknae line. In person, he feels like a 18 year old high school student, but he has the nickname ‘Kim Yugyeom Oppa’.
Yugyeom Sometimes I look older (Laughs). There aren’t a lot of opportunities for me to be called oppa so I like it when fans call me oppa. It doesn’t matter if the fan is older than me. Noona fans always ask me, “Can I call you oppa? Is it okay?” And I reply “Yes it’s okay, of course!” It makes me feel better.

When you first debuted, you introduced yourself as “Pure crystal Yugyeom”. Has the size of that crystal stayed the same or has it shrunk?
Yugyeom I can’t introduce myself like that anymore. I think the crystal shrunk. (Youngjae: Did it crack?) I think it’s gotten smaller by about half, so I changed my introduction to “The youngest who doesn’t seem like the youngest”. (Laughs)

Hahaha, Youngjae who’s 19 this year, in the past you said that you wanted to attend a music therapy school. What do you think now?
Youngjae I have a book pertaining to that subject, but I haven’t had time to look at it properly. Right now I think I need to like music more and practice music more so I want to try to attend the school Jinyoung hyung is attending now, Howon University. I still lack so much so I feel like I need to work harder and learn more. I’m definitely going to university.

You’ll definitely get in!
Youngjae (Clenches fist) Hwaiting! (Laughs)

Like Youngjae said, Jr. is currently attending Howon University.
Jr. I’m studying theater. Right now it’s okay because I’m on break, but I’m debating whether or not to take a gap year. There are a lot of promotions planned during the next semester… There’s so much I want to learn at school that I think I’m going to have to discuss it with the company.

Is there something you especially like in the curriculum?
Jr. At school? I liked the one-on-one lessons. I started off not knowing anything so learning was really fun. And even though I couldn’t participate often, I watched the other students prepare for theater festivals and… Wow… For theater you need to learn the lighting, sound cues, the stage, acting, movement, everything. Theater is something that brings together all of this so the community feel of the production was interesting. It would be hard not to become close while preparing for a show, I was jealous. Theater is about interactions between those on stage so you can’t do it by yourself. While seeing that, I thought to myself that if I ever had the chance, I wanted to give theater a try.

There’s another university student in the group. JB studies film production at Konkuk University. On Mnet’s ‘4 Things Show’ a short film ‘Dream’ was broadcasted.
Jr. Jaebum hyung’s feet were quite cute in that. (Laughs)
JB That film was similar to a 3 minute university film so there wasn’t anything special about it. I was a bit embarrassed. The visual was satisfactory but the subject matter among other things… It was started in the morning and finished very quickly.

Still, many people didn’t know of JB’s directing capabilites as a student so it still seemed to be meaningful. If JB made a film with GOT7 as the subject, what kind of film could be produced?
Jackson Comedy, comedy!
JB I think black comedy would match well. Or, a comedy like ‘Marrying the Mafia’ with the seven of us as a family.
Yugyeom (With a bright smile) Comedy and violence! (Laughs)

There was something JB said on ‘4 Things Show’ that left a lasting impression. “I feel like the future of GOT7 depends on how I act.”
JB If I act rudely then I feel like that’s how people will view the entire team. I’m not saying that I’m a pillar for the team out of conceit. It’s because it’s my responsibility to lead the team. If I throw away that responsibility and play around or don’t focus, then the members might think that because the leader is doing that, it’s okay for them to do the same. (Q: Because of that, is there pressure being the leader?) Every once in a while if we make a mistake then I can feel embarrassed but I never feel pressured. Because we’re people, it’s normal to make mistakes.

Starting this August, you will be participating with the artists in your company in ‘2014 JYP Nation - ONE MIC’, and your Japan solo concert tour will start on October 7th. Last April, you performed your showcase in Japan, how was it?
Jr. The stage and audience were close together so we could see the individual faces of the fans. There are only good memories of it.
Yugyeom Compared to Korea, the scale was bigger so I was nervous. I was more nervous for the showcase than when we opened for 2PM in their Japan concert. But after the concert started and we performed more, it was fun.

Scan by Winter Boy (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) | Trans: Yoonjin @ got7-trans

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