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Goddess Zhang Liyin to release new digital single on August 2nd

SM’s talented R&B singer, Zhang Liyin will be coming back with her third single, ‘Agape’. She will be releasing her music video at noon on the Chinese portal site, Baidu where fans who have been waiting will see it.

The title song, ‘Agape’ will have a beautiful piano melody and Liyin’s sorrowful vocals blend well with the ballad and the lyrics are self-composed for her hometown, Sichuan, in honor of the 2008 earthquake.

In particular, on the 26th, the online video site, iQiyi and on SM’s official Youtube channel, the teaser for ‘Agape’ was loaded, featuring f(x)’s Victoria and EXO’s Tao, and actor, Song Jaerim garnering attention from fans and heightening the expectations for the new song and video.

In 2006, Zhang Liyin debuted with ‘Timeless', 'I Will', 'Moving On' as well as various other songs, releasing them both in China and Korea as she enjoys popularity in all of Asia. In the beginning of his year, she participated in SM The Ballad’s second album alongside EXO’s Chen for the Chinese version of the title son and had Chinese activities.

Zhang Liyin will be attending CCTV’s ‘Global Chinese Music Chart’ and Anhui’s ‘Mad for Music’ for her first ‘Agape’ comeback promotions.

Source: Chocolyn, SMTOWN

Still bitter as fuck that it's only going to be a digital single after waiting for 5 years, but she looks so gorgeous in that photo!! Another source says Liyin helped write the lyrics, which makes the HAPPIEST because it's so rare to see SM artists write the lyrics to their own title songs!
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