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a ☆Spica☆ post (including unconfirmed digital single cover)!

140728 Kim Bohyung - Seoul Woman @ Lee Sora's Music Plaza

she got bbangs! sooooo cute :3

note: posted on dcgallery with no source, so it's unconfirmed. the OP said it's the US digital single cover, and that Spica will be making a comeback in August. B2M hasn't said a word about anything, not about the comeback or even KCON (10 Aug)...

smh @ this lazy Photoshopping, they basically used the same template for Juhyun and Narae's legs (before & after comparison)

[B2M really needs to switch up their positions on their covers]BtjS8nSCMAAlP_1

[could this be the song?]if anyone is interested in useless speculation: I think Boa may actually be singing I Did It in this instavid.. what do you hear?

[clicky]부럽지롱 ~난 스피카랑 논다~~
Are you envious ~I'm playing with Spica~~

#스피카 서로의 문을 여는 두드림
#SPICA knocking on one another's doors and opening our hearts (alternative translation: #Spica opening each other’s doors through slapping ??)

#셀스타그램 이라고 하는건가 이걸! 5시간넘게 연습실! 잠시 군것질 타임! 난 너무 힘들어서 #레드불
#Selfstagram is that what this is called! Over 5 hours in the practice room! Quick snacking time! Since I’m tired #RedBull

140728 Boa's fancafe message

Is everyone doing well.. ?
I think you guys are!! KYA KYA!!
It's been a while since there's news about me right?? Sorry..~~
It's because I don't have any personal schedules...
(Ah, really in. personal. schedule... haha) [OP: not sure what this means?]
How do I say this? Today I especially miss you guys..
No matter if you call me unnie!! unnie!! .. Or Boa-yah!! Boa-yah!!
Or Boa-ssi !!~~ Boa-ssi~~!!! I miss you all~~
Hmm..~ Actually..~~ I've been well, because I miss you guys..~~~~and I wanted to come by [the fancafe] and take a look..~~~so I'm leaving a message..~~
Goodnight!!! I'll always work energetically!!!!
Be careful of catching a cold... [OP: by overexposure to air-conditioning I think?]
My brother.. He fell sick a few days ago and went to the hospital....
In such hot weather...
He actually caught the flu......ㅎㅅㅎ...fool.....
After being sick for three days...he's better...but still not fully recovered....
So everyone must be careful not to fall sick!!!
Be careful of cars!!! Be careful of people!!!!!! Be careful of air-conditioning!!!!


[better quality recordings of JiRae's perfs from the last post]
Narae & Jiwon - Tonight

Jiwon - When Love Passes By

sauces: KBS CoolFM | dcgallery | @VeronicaH280 | @spickimboa | @wldnjs62 1 2 | everythingspica | Turn Up Speaker | rightclick5ave 1 2

tl;dr: baby Bbo remains as precious as ever, Boa has a punctuation problem, and I hate B2M for their silence and that awful hack job of a cover

Bbo & her bbangs tyfyt

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