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“Fashion King Korea 2″ Releases Its Celebrity Lineup, Including Zico, P.O, Sunmi and Kwanghee

SBS variety program “Fashion King Korea 2” finally revealed its star-studded lineup.

In a group cast picture released by SBS were Clara, Sunmi, Yoon Jin Seo, Hong Jin Kyung, Kwang Hee of ZE:A, Jung Joon Young, and Block B members Zico and P.O. It is interesting to see how each cast member’s own unique style comes through with just this one photo.

“Fashion King Korea 2″ will see these celebrities pair up with a fashion designer to compete with each other. The fashion designers who will be on the show are Choi Bum Suk (General Idea), Ko Tae Yong (Beyond Closet), Han Sang Hyuk (Heich es Heich), Song Hye Myung (Dominic’s Way), Kwak Hyun Joo, and Vandal. The show will be hosted by Shin Dong Yup.

“Fashion King Korea 2″ will start airing on August 16.

source: soompi|Fashion King Korea|fysunmi

Looking forward to more interactions between Sunmi and Block B and I need a new fashion show to watch after Style Log.
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