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Ladies’ Code Drops First Teaser Image for Comeback


Girl group Ladies’ Code will be making a comeback in August, six months after their last release.

Ladies’ Code released the digital single “So Wonderful,” and took a break after promoting the song. They will release their new single album on August 7 and start broadcast activities.

Super Changddai, the producer who has worked with Ladies’ Code since their debut, will be participating in this single album. The song will contain honest and impudent lyrics to go along with the funky melody, adding some fun to the song.

People are anticipating Ladies’ Code due to their transformation in the released pictures. On July 24, member Rise revealed a picture of herself with blond hair and received attention for it. In the new image released today, the members of Ladies Code are shedding the bubbly and fancy image they had until now and will go with a funky street fashion that emphasizes their “healthy beauty” while wearing denim and one pieces.

A representative of Polaris Entertainment stated, “Ladies Code will maintain their color through this single album, and they will transform through a song that is more bubbly and funky. By using the Waacking style of dance along with a unique stage, the song will not only be interesting to listen to, but also fun to watch the group perform the song.”

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